How to surprise and delight your wife when she comes home from a long day at work

For any of you men out there who want to know how to wow your lady, take notes.
1. Email your wife at work saying, "You're going to be excited when you come home," thus building anticipation (as if she didn't want to come home a lot already!)
2. Greet her at the door by opening it a few seconds before she does, saying, "I thought I heard you coming in up the stairs."
3. Open the door to reveal a pristinely vacuumed floor and a rearranged living room, thoughtfully constructed so that Ruby can learn to cruise.
4. When your wife admires all of this, smile slyly and say, "Oh, that's only the tip of the iceberg!" This will make your wife even more excited!
5. Reveal that you made dinner. A beautiful dinner. And picked flowers to make a centerpiece. (See diagram 1, below)

6. When your wife giggles with glee at your amazing fruit arranging skills and how you picked out everything she likes, just smile and say, "Wait, there's more..."
7. Suspensefully hold behind your back a giftcard for a facial and massage. Then present them to her. (See diagram 2, below)

8. At this point, she'll probably be speechless and smiley. Gently tell her that you felt like her spring break, while good, was not quite long or relaxing enough, and that she deserved a bit more. Describe to her that you appreciate all of her hard work at school and that you will do your best to make this week as restful as possible.
9. After she eats, offer to wash the dishes and clean the kitchen so she can go play with the baby and write on her blog.
10. Be prepared to be kissed, hugged, and otherwise loved on.
11. (optional) Look good with the flowers you arranged for her (see diagram 3, below).

I wrote all of that; Allen is too modest to toot his own horn. He is an amazing man. Every woman should be so lucky.
Another sweet thing from tonight: I think Ruby kissed me intentionally for the first time. I puckered up my lips to kiss her, and she put her open mouth over mine. It seemed purposeful and in response to the lip pucker. She did it two other times after that. We tried to capture it on video, but of course she didn't go for it that time. Oh well. She also has been saying something that sounds like "mama", but I'm not sure if she has connected it to me yet.
I just downloaded a lot of pictures from my grandparents' visit and Chandra's visit, too. There are way too many good pictures. See, back in the day of actual film, it was a little easier to control the picture taking impulse, because you wanted to make every shot count, and you couldn't see them until you developed them. With digital cameras? Forget it; you can take tons and tons. I always tell myself, "Oh, I'll end up deleting a lot of them." Nope. I can't afford to get them all developed: I literally have taken hundreds since Ruby was born. She's just so photogenic!!! Here are a few (I just can't help myself, sorry)

Yay for pictures, cute babies, and amazing hubbies! It's been a good evening so far...


  1. Yay for baby kisses and wonderful husbands!


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