Writing begets writing

Since starting the blog, I've gotten two delightfully long, thoughtful emails from friend and family member. I think that it is a natural urge to respond in kind. During the summers of college, I used to write my friends postcards and letters...handwritten letters. I was amazed how many I got back. When I first started, I didn't expect people to write back, so I was delighted when they did. It was pretty awesome. This blog may turn out to be similar :)
On another note, I am down at the computer, but I can hear--without the aid of the baby monitor--Ruby expressing her grave displeasure in her room above. Her top tooth is coming in, and I think she is very cranky and insecure because of it. Allen reported that she was extremely clingy today: just did not want to be put down at all. I imagine that right now she's standing and holding onto the suitcase that we've propped up as a boundary to keep her in "her bedroom" area. It is very pitiful to walk in and see her wailing there, her tears making a puddle on the suitcase. But I know that she's tired and I've given her some baby pain relief medicine and a bit of Orajel on her gums, so there's not much else to do besides let her wear herself out. She sometimes just falls asleep on the floor by the suitcase and we put her into her bed. She hasn't really figured out that she can crawl back into her own bed, but she definitely knows how to crawl out.
A parting random thought: today one of my students told me triumphantly that the "words" OMG and LOL and TTYL have been added to the dictionary. "You should let us use them in our writing," she reasoned. I said, "Nope, sorry." Another girl said, "What? They're English words." In a moment of presence of wit, I replied, "So's the F-word."
"You have a point," the girl acquiesced. Zing! Gotta love those moments where you actually think up the right repartee.


  1. Where's the Like button? I need to Like this post.

    Specifically regarding your rejoinder.

  2. Thanks! And by the by, I think you were the first person with whom I corresponded in letter form that wrote back. That was in 2003...and looky here, I got a letter from you in 2011!!! Apparently, Jackson is awesome. *like buttoned!!!* (in Strongbad T.G.S voice, of course)


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