Things I'm grateful for today (not ranked in any particular order):
1. The good powers of technology...that I can be connected in real time and real sound so that Ruby can show off for her grandma, grandpa, and aunt who live 2,000 miles away.
2. Singer-songwriter Sara Groves, who has incredible lyrics like this:
who can know the pain the joy the regret the satisfaction
who can know the love of one life, one heart, one soul
at two you're at abstraction

3. Medicine
4. A God who is infinitely more patient than I am with resistant people (because I am a very resistant person to Him)
5. A sweet and sacrificial hubby who works for me, waits on me, woes me, wins me (and brings me little treats when I'm sick!)
6. A really great teaching partner who has helped me stay sane professionally this year and is good for teacher talk therapy (i.e. our carpooling to and from school)
7. A job. At all. And one--which, for all of my grumbling--is pretty important and an opportunity to minister.
8. An amazing daughter, who really lights up my days with her smiles, babbles, and accomplishments (and who teaches me more and more about the kind of parent that God is to us)
9. Living in a stable democratic republic. As much as the squabbling of our "powers that be" annoys and sometimes depresses me, it sure beats violent rioting in a dictator state and living in a constant state of fear.
10. A great roommate who is good with cooking and baby care (and he's my brother, too)


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