Proof that I was meant to teach middle school?

Back when I was a first year teaching apprentice happily working at the kindergarten/first grade level, I would have told you that you couldn't PAY me enough money to teach middle school.  No way, no how. Just NO.  Then, in the summer after my first year of apprenticing, I had to take 2 courses on middle school curriculum and development. I went into them feeling rather grudging.  I had to take them in order to get a broad "Elementary-Middle" authorization level for my license here in Oregon, but I secretly knew I would never use this information. I was never going to teach middle school.  Never.  Ever. End of story.
And then God chuckled, and through a series of twists and turns, I ended up teaching 8th grade English as my first solo (i.e. non-apprentice) teaching job...and loved it. From there, I went on to teach 6th grade at the school I'm at now.  It's exhausting, exciting (NOT exiting, as some students still insist on spelling it), and full of adventures, both good and bad.
Our 4 day long excursion known as Outdoor School begins on Monday: two nights of camping, one overnight at our local science museum, and a day in Portland.  I'm trying to rest up this weekend, because I know it will be a demanding week.  I think it will be fun, but being one of the people in charge of 40 something middle schoolers out and about in the larger world is quite a responsibility.
When we handed out the packing lists, several girls were very dismayed to see that we had told them not to bring makeup.  "But why not?"  several pleaded.
I replied, "You need to pack light, and besides, we're CAMPING! It's not a fashion show, it's Outdoor School!"
I was met with looks of "Wow, you SOO do not get it, lady."  After all, they never really see me wear makeup, so how could I possibly understand how central it is to their lives?
Well, I remember being that age and being very interested in makeup.  For several years in high school I wore it every day to school.  It was a form of self-expression, I liked it, etc.  I have nothing against make up, but I do have something against girls/women feeling paralyzed without it.  So, girls, I do actually get it.
Anyway, Jeff and I had agreed to pack our suitcases and bring them in on Friday as examples of how to pack light.  Thursday night I got the idea, Hmm, it would be pretty fun to do a "how not to" version.  But I don't want to haul all of that to school... And so the video was born.  I love iMovie and how quickly I can do basic editing.  I think that it turned out very funny, if I do say so myself.

Here it is.


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