Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still standing (so to speak)

Well, I'm sitting, actually.  You'd think I'd be hopping around and stretching my legs, because I've been sitting at conferences all day long.  I think we had 19 today?  We had a few no-shows. It was a long day.  For the most part, they were good conferences and I think we said what needed to be said.
Speaking of standing, Ruby was standing when I got home, and she took several unaided steps towards me!  Toby and Allen said they have seen her do that a few times today, mostly towards the cats.  Aquila was terrified.
Here's a cute b-day pic I haven't posted yet.  Toby looks pretty hilarious! They're both showing off their Cardinals footwear.
The Birthday Twins (22 years apart...)
Random thought: I'm getting baby fever.  Whenever I see little babies, I want another one of them.  Looking at Ruby's pictures from last year isn't helping!  I know, I know, we're not ready, etc.  They are a lot of work and the first few months are very taxing.  I remember.  But they're so cute!  God was smart when He made babies cute.  It is their first line of defense.  
Well, I think it is bedtime. YAWNNNNN! Goodnight.

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