Good gracious, time flies!

Wow, I haven't updated in almost a week!  Camp has kept me pretty busy.  Week 1 of Young Authors Society was good.  I had a great student helper, and I'm looking forward to another great helper and another good week.  And then--I can hardly believe it!--on Saturday morning Ruby and I are off to St. Louis for two weeks!  Well, technically we won't be in St. Louis the whole time.  We'll also see Chatauqua.  I'm not sure if I'm ready for the infamous summer weather, though. It was in the high 80s here today and that felt very warm in our little un-air conditioned apartment.
Ruby was born 14 months ago today!  She is growing up so fast.  Here's what she looked like this time last summer:
2 Months old

She LOVED her slinky!
Hey beautiful!
But here she is now!

As you can see, she LOVES to look at books.  I think she spends the majority of her waking hours looking at books and asking us to read them by holding them up and saying, "Da?"  She will forcibly put them into your hand.  She's also learned how to lap sit.  It is pretty adorable.  It's really astonishing how much time she could spend reading.  If we did nothing to prevent or alter the circumstances of the day and we did whatever she wanted, I think we could easily spend two hours at a time reading book after book...or often, the same book over and over.  She even prefers books over TV.  I found "Sesame Street 20th anniversary special" on Netflix (which aired in 1989, mind you!) and I put it on and placed the computer on the floor, thinking that she and I might like to watch it.  Ruby looked at it every now and then, but kept going over to her bookshelf, pulling books off, and plunking them down in front of the computer and saying, "Da? Da?"  Today I could have sworn I heard her say "dook" instead of "book", but I couldn't get her to repeat it.  Drat.  Anyway, it's pretty wonderful having such a bookworm in the house!  
Just finished watching the 3rd Harry Potter movie.  I don't think we'll get through them all before I go, though.  That book was my least favorite because the time-travel part just didn't reckon up right.  But in terms of movie making, I think the director did some really awesome things with it.  It is shot in a very striking way and there are a lot of clever ways to show the passage of time, which is obviously a big theme.  
Bahhh, it's hot and sticky here.  I guess I'd better be off to bed, too.  Got to get up early tomorrow...


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