The Good Pie, the St. Louis Zoo, and the Webster Groves Pool

Toby has talked incessantly about The Good Pie since he came to live with us last August.  It's a pizza place in St. Louis which was new after my time living there.  One of the guys that works there is a former student of Dad's, which adds to the appeal.  We went there last night, and I must say that it was quite delicious!  Ruby was with us at the restaurant and behaved herself nicely.  She also enjoyed the pizza and gelato.

Today we went to the St. Louis Zoo in the morning.  Sarah had hoped that some of her friends could meet up with us there, but none were available.  So, it was my mom, my aunt Peggy, Sarah, Ruby, and me.  We had a good time there, although it was quite hot.  It also started off on the wrong foot for poor Ruby, who got sunscreen in her eyes and cried and cried.  She was very tired because she didn't take her morning nap before we went.  I'm afraid that many of the animals escaped her notice, but there were some features of the zoo she quite enjoyed:
1.  The bubbler fountains in the Children's Zoo area
2. Cute photo ops
3.  The Zoo Train ride
We saw an animal show in the children's zoo and also the Sea Lion show, but Ruby was getting very sleepy and hot and cranky, so we went home.  It was still a fun time, though.
Later in the day, we went to the pool.  Ruby loved that!  Their kiddie pool has lots of fun features.  Sarah played with Ruby a lot, too.  

We had a very delicious dinner of shish kebabs and we're now watching "The King's Speech."  What a great day!


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