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Fill in the blank Friday

Shamelessly stolen from another blog!  I'm kind of burned out because I've been doing coursework all day, but still felt like updating.  So, here you go:
1.   My current obsession is   craving Sour Patch Kids like it's my job.

2.    Looking at pictures of Ruby when she was a little tiny baby   makes me happy.
3.  My greatest strength is writing .
4.  Procrastination  is my greatest weakness.
5.  My life is a gift.
6.  In high school I was    fortunate to have really good friends, really good teachers, and a good relationship with my parents.

7.  When I'm super tired  

Another hint

My husband attempted to figure out the red letter puzzle and said, "This is impossible!  You should give another hint!"  So, here's a picture that should convey the meaning of the phrase (the phrase also contains a date, if that helps).  The shirt is a little rumpled but this one shouldn't be too hard to decipher!

Happy 100th post! A red letter day!

That's right, it's the 100th post on this blog!  Party!  I actually was going to update earlier, but I felt like the 100th post needed to be exciting, more so than just me commenting on the usual stuff of life. Look throughout the post for letters that are in red.  Collect the letters, rearrange them, and it will spell out a secret message!
First, I've had requests for more pictures and videos of Ruby.  Let's dig in, shall we?  Here's a collection I call, "A Visit from the Cleaning Fairy"

Next, I need to put up some pictures from Allen's birthday, which was September 8th.  I checked back in the blog and I didn't write about it at all!  Oh dear.  Well, Allen's birthday dinner request was have homemade versions of the Burger King California Whoppers (which have avocado on them).  I did my best to work that BK magic, and I think they turned out pretty well.

Allen prefers pie to cake, so I got a Chocolate Silk Pie and festooned it with fancy birthday…

A taste of my own medicine?

I'm fuming over here.  Why?  Because I just got graded on my first major assignment for my online course, and I thought the grade was too low: 28 out of 40!  I worked long and hard on that assignment, and I felt like the criticisms that the professor made of it were not entirely fair, even according to the rubric she gave out.
So, I wrote a civil email asking her to reconsider some of her criticisms.  I don't think it was a perfect assignment, and I wasn't aiming for perfect. I would have been happy with a 35 out of 40.  But I feel like she misunderstood me...
Anyway, the irony of all this does not, of course, escape me.  I am, after all, an English teacher.  I have graded reports and assignments.  I've frustrated and disappointed students, I know it.  Not because I wanted to, but just because I'm sure they worked hard on it but it still had flaws.  I guess that's where this comes down to it: if I agreed that my work had substantial flaws, then I wouldn't …


In case you're not familiar with my language, the title of this post is a cry of frustration.  Today, it is uttered because I can't find the camera connector cable; thus, I am unable to put up several pictures that I have been meaning to upload, particularly pictures from Allen's birthday (which was on Thursday).  The computer has been acting pretty wunky lately, too. Allen suspects it is getting overheated and that it just shuts off.  The other day it was out of commission all day.  In a way, that was fine, but I'm also starting to fall seriously behind in my online course which has a very definite and fast approaching deadline.  I haven't blogged in forever, and it isn't because there aren't things to say, because there are.  It was, after all, the first week of school, and my first week of being not a full time teacher in a long time.  But I'd better not press my luck on the computer battery at the moment.  It died this morning during a Skype session…