Happy 100th post! A red letter day!

That's right, it's the 100th post on this blog!  Party!  I actually was going to update earlier, but I felt like the 100th post needed to be exciting, more so than just me commenting on the usual stuff of life. Look throughout the post for letters that are in red.  Collect the letters, rearrange them, and it will spell out a secret message!

First, I've had requests for more pictures and videos of Ruby.  Let's dig in, shall we?  Here's a collection I call, "A Visit from the Cleaning Fairy"
The Cleaning Fairy approaches the ugly scene....

"Whew, I've got my work cut out for me!  I don't know where to start!"

"One swish of my magic wand, and hopefully this place will start looking better"

"All in a day's work!"

Next, I need to put up some pictures from Allen's birthday, which was September 8th.  I checked back in the blog and I didn't write about it at all!  Oh dear.  Well, Allen's birthday dinner request was have homemade versions of the Burger King California Whoppers (which have avocado on them).  I did my best to work that BK magic, and I think they turned out pretty well.

Allen prefers pie to cake, so I got a Chocolate Silk Pie and festooned it with fancy birthday candles.

"Festooned? Really? That does not sound manly enough to describe this pie."
Of course, we felt obliged to take pictures of ourselves with the camera.  

It was a pretty good birthday celebration, I'd say.  Allen likes his birthdays to be low key events.  
What else shall adorn this 100th post?  Oh, I should mention by way of follow up to my last post that I my professor re-examined my work and had a colleague look at it, and the colleague said that it shouldn't have been graded so harshly.  So, my grade was upped to a 37 out of 40.  Yay!  
Here are some pictures of Ruby as she continues to refine the process of feeding herself.  I think she looks like Santa when she tries to eat Greek yogurt by herself!
Notice that she is holding the spoon...in her other hand!

Ruby decided she was ready to hold her own cheese sandwich, thank you very much!
Last Sunday, we decided to take a day trip to Astoria, Oregon.  The weather wasn't great but we wanted to get out and do something different.  We drove up Highway 30, which is scenic and mostly follows the Columbia River.

In the parking lot of the Maritime Museum.  The quintessential "Are we having fun yet?" photo
"Of course we're having fun!"
"Whatever you say, Dad."
The Maritime Museum was pretty cool.  Ruby liked the exhibits of the fish that inhabit the Columbia River.

Okay, there's a good story behind this picture.  She spent several minutes just standing and staring at this display of the man holding the fish.  I was thought it was very cute how she just kept staring at it, almost reverently.  I wondered what about it had entranced her so.  As I got closer, I heard her grunting and a smell wafted through the air that revealed the reason behind her deep state of concentration.  Oh well!
Allen is good about remembering to take pictures of me so that my presence is documented on such outings.
Before we went to the museum, we visited a street market in downtown Astoria and had lunch at a local cafe.  After the museum, it was about time to head home, but not before driving up the hill to see the Astoria column, a Trajanesque column devoted to Lewis and Clark.
You have to pay to park at this memorial, so we just snapped a picture from the slowly moving car, like the cheapskates we are.

On the way down the hill from the Column, we saw a doe and her two little fawns out for a snack.  They were remarkably calm being right next to the road.  

Well, have you collected all the red letters?  You should have 25.  It will spell out a message that has 7 words.  Good luck!


  1. I can make a seven letter phrase that makes sense and I think is even relevant, but I end up with an R left over. I don't suppose you'd like to give out another hint?

  2. Yeah that puzzle was impossible! Luckily I'm a visual learner and I think the 2nd hint solidified what I thought the puzzle to be! :) Happy happy!


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