In case you're not familiar with my language, the title of this post is a cry of frustration.  Today, it is uttered because I can't find the camera connector cable; thus, I am unable to put up several pictures that I have been meaning to upload, particularly pictures from Allen's birthday (which was on Thursday).  The computer has been acting pretty wunky lately, too. Allen suspects it is getting overheated and that it just shuts off.  The other day it was out of commission all day.  In a way, that was fine, but I'm also starting to fall seriously behind in my online course which has a very definite and fast approaching deadline.  I haven't blogged in forever, and it isn't because there aren't things to say, because there are.  It was, after all, the first week of school, and my first week of being not a full time teacher in a long time.  But I'd better not press my luck on the computer battery at the moment.  It died this morning during a Skype session with my family.  So, longer blog posts and pictures will have to wait.  Sorry, audience!


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