Long Overdue Pictures

Okay, it has been way too long since I posted pictures!  These go back to late September.  
My favorite lunch partner! I love that about working part-time...more days with Ruby

Daddy reads to Ruby and baby doll

Love those kitty pajamas!

Ruby enjoys pulling the clothes out of her dresser and trying to dress herself

I sense that the room is about to get a lot less tidy...

Showing off a new outfit from great-grandma!


Ruby likes to experiment with art

And here are a glut of Halloween pictures.  I found the ladybug coat at Value Village and it seemed perfect!  Ruby didn't go out trick or treating, but if she did, she would have kept warm!

Ruby, our bag of gleaner candy to give out to trick or treaters, and the pumpkin that never got carved into a jack o lantern!

Here we are waiting to welcome trick or treaters to our door

Ruby at a Halloween themed play group session near our house

Grandma Karla got Ruby some cute wings, which she likes  a lot

This picture doesn't do justice to the sparkling gleam which our bathroom was bathed in after Karla came over and spent hours scrubbing it within an inch of its life!  That was her birthday present to me, and I appreciated it!

I made some yummy butternut squash bread for a birthday dinner party...soooo good!

Look!  Look!  The cut glass/crystal punch bowl and matching cups are finally getting some use! (They were given to me by my grandma Munson)

On my actual birthday, we took a trip down to Salem to turn in my teacher licensure materials.  They were due that day.  Now I'm in the clear for another 3 years!

Ruby crawled into the dryer when I wasn't looking...

This is a pretty classic picture (except for the dryer part!)

Hope you enjoy this photo collage!  I won't let the next one go so long.  The reason for the gap was a series of computer problems, but I'm typing this from our new MacBook Pro (thanks Mom and Dad!) and I think we should be on Easy Street as far as computer issues go for a good long time.


  1. How in the world could we not enjoy that!? She is so curious about her world! :)

  2. The smiling dryer picture is my computer background at work (here at home, it's still one that I took when I was there, of her playing with Rawr; and my phone background is the adorable Christmas tree one). TOO ADORABLE. Cannot wait to snap my own!!

    And--see how good I was to comment on the child first--HURRAH FOR A MACBOOK!!!!! Ohhhh, I am so happy for you!! :)


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