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Christmas video

If you'd like to see pictures and video from our Christmas morning, click here.  It was a very nice day.  Ruby doesn't really get it all yet (as evidenced by not wanting to put her hand into her stocking to pull out presents!) but she definitely enjoyed playing with her toys.  And Allen and I definitely enjoyed the gifts we gave and received. In the evening (and I don't have any pictures to document this, sorry) we went over to his grandparents' house for dinner and gift exchanging with the extended family.  Ruby did pretty well although it went past her bedtime. It was a great day.  I hope yours was, too!

Almost Christmas...

Nearly midnight, what on earth am I still doing awake?! I've been working on the wedding dress, that's what!  I have finished all 5 bridesmaid dresses (well, two of them need to have the elastic fitted to the bridesmaids but that won't take long).  I have all the fabric cut out for the wedding dress, and today I did part of the bodice, all of the lining, and the train.  The pattern requires some rather tricky seamwork (I think they are called princess seams) where you have to match up a rounded shape to a straight line without it getting all puckered and gathered up.  Not to mention that the silky fabric is very slippery.  It's the kind of thing where you need to use a pin about every eighth of an inch!  It's going to be absolutely lovely on her when it is done.  That's what I remind myself!
I tried making cinnamon rolls but even after several hours, the dough is nowhere near doubled in size.  Bad yeast, perhaps.  I used a recipe I found online that called for…

Christmas-y pictures


Motherhood: when fashion concerns vanish

Anyone who sees what I am wearing today will find it hard to believe that a nickname of mine was ever "The Fashion Guru."  In truth, that nickname was probably ill-deserved, but in high school (well, starting in about 10th grade) I cared a lot about what I wore. I wore makeup to school almost every day for heaven's sake!  I can't tell you the last time I wore make up regularly...oh wait, how about high school?
It's not that I don't care about what I wear.  It's just that I care far more about other things:
1.  Does it fit?
Now that I am 6 months pregnant, I need to wear maternity pants.  I have precious few pairs of them, though, and only two that look in any way professional-quality, so those get saved for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday wearing.  The pairs that remain are mostly either stretch pants or sweats or somewhere in between.  Not fashionable.
2. Will it be ruined if it comes into contact with Ruby after she has eaten?
Ruby really enjoys feedin…