7 reasons why this post is so short

Well, I missed a slice yesterday, but it was only because we had to pack up the internet and computer to move and I wasn't able to get online.  And this post will likely be short because:
1. I'm really tired
2. It's late
3. Our bed is still covered in stuff, not to mention a bed sheet that's been in the rain and mud during the move
4. I don't know where the other bed sheet is
5. The internet is extremely capricious and is going on and off
6. My brain is in a jumble
7. Bleahhhhhhh
So there you have it.  Goodnight, all.


  1. A list is still a valid slice. Kudos for keeping up the blogging!

  2. I'm so glad you posted. You used craft to make it fun. The internet capricious - seems like a taunting. Hope it's better. Jump back in and slice. You'll like it. :)


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