Body Mist: Ruby's new thing

Ruby's pretty cute, if I do say so myself.  Today her cuteness consisted of being very interested in a bottle of body mist spray from Bath and Body Works.  I remember back in junior high that stuff being all the rage.  It was like perfume but more watered down and much cheaper.  Everyone (of course, I'm speaking now about the girls) had a bottle in their locker.  No one wanted to take an actual shower after gym (then you'd have to get naked and that would be awkward!), so spritzing liberally with body mist was the solution of choice.  Besides, they came in a mind-boggling array of scents at Bath and Body Works.  The truly adventurous girls got theirs at Victoria's Secret, which offered its own line of the same thing.  (Same thing goes for underwear, but the politics of underwear in junior high and high school is its own post!)
Well, at any rate, I haven't owned any body mist in a looooong time, until about a year ago.  One of my students gave me a gift card to Bath and Body Works at Christmas time and Allen and I went to go make use of it.  We bought some nice smelling hand soap and I felt drawn nostalgically to the body mists.  There are still an overwhelming array of them (although I didn't see my old favorite, Freesia).  So I got some Jasmine scented mist.  I rarely wear it, mostly because I don't think to put it on. But Ruby recently discovered it and she likes it.  She likes scented things.  She grabs our scented candles and walks around the house sniffing them.  Here are some pictures of her enjoying the body mist smell.

Looks like she's ready for the junior high locker room!  (Not that I would banish her to such a horrible place)


  1. I just love how you combined the pictures of sweet Ruby (who is pretty darn cute) with your memories of the girl's locker room and the dreaded showers. :) You made me think of Love's Baby Soft and Jean Nate after bath splash!

  2. BAHHHHHHH how come I have the cutest goddaughter in the whole world?!? Seriously, all the other godmothers (fairy and otherwise) are jealous. I get hate mail.

    And I SO remember that Freesia was your favorite--I have a vague memory of us discussing these things, as they were critically important at the time. (Mine really was--and is--Sweet Pea, but my MOM liked that one, so clearly I couldn't.)

    Also, I would like you to write a book called The Politics of Underwear. I would buy that book.


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