Pictures from the past week

March 24--Ruby is 22 months old, and puts her baby doll in the swing
March 28--Ruby's new baby brother is home from the hospital and he gets to try out the swing!

March 24--Kisses for baby doll...soon there will be kisses for baby brother!
March 28--Kisses for Max!

Silly Ruby, climbing into the book box!

March 25--Daddy dons the "bunny suit" over his soccer clothes...I called him away from a game.  Apparently our children have a penchant for being born on game days.

Brand new baby!

Newest member of the Cook family--Max-Pascal James Cook

There's a new (little) man in my life!
So handsome!

Proud papa with his son!
Hi cutie!

Ruby meets baby brother

Right now, she calls him baby

Words of Affirmation for the new mommy from  Allen
Meeting Uncle Toby
Meeting Aunt Sarah Cook and Grandma Karla
Meeting Great Grandpa and Great Grandma Haas
One very crowded Toyota Echo!
Naptime...check out the resemblance!!!
A staged napping shot (staged in that we put Max there for the picture; they are both really napping)
Daddy's an equal opportunity napper


  1. Aaaaaagghhhhhhhhh!!! Cannot wait to hold my little peanut!! GAHHHH!!!! I think I may develop a verifiable tic by the time November comes around...

  2. Lovely! (I hope you get naps, too!)


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