Snow day?

Sorry that I haven't been slicing faithfully for a few days now...between internet being down and baby drama, it hasn't been happening.  And it's late, so I don't want to have a very long post, although there is much to say.
The title refers to the fact that it is snowing right now.  Yes, March 21st, Oregon, snow.  These things can sometimes go together, it seems.  It snowed all day but the temperature was just high enough for it not to stick.  But when evening came, it started sticking. The roads are pretty bad right now.  Of course, by "pretty bad" I am not referring to what you East Coasters or Minnesotans or what have you would call pretty bad. I'm using the standards of those who rarely get snow and then don't know what to do when it happens.  I am not a good snow driver, in that I get nervous and go really slowly. But on the plus side of having lived here for almost 6 years now, I'm a good rain driver, because rain is a constant.  Anyway, if it keeps up like this, we might be looking at a snow day tomorrow.  I wouldn't say no to that, even though tomorrow is my last day of work before maternity leave.   Next week is spring break, you see, and after that, it's baby time! More on that tomorrow...


  1. Getting nervous and driving really slow is actually a good snow-driving practice. I used to drive almost exactly the same in snow as in good weather, until a couple of skid-out scares woke me up and got me slowing down.


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