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Good Morning Girls

5:07 AM is the time right now.  Allen is up getting ready for an early morning work meeting, and Max is stirring in his bed, but not actually awake.  Why am I up, especially on a day I don't have to go in to work?
Because of Good Morning Girls!
I found it by chance while perusing Pinterest a few weeks back.  GMG is an online outfit where women gather into groups, do a Bible study in the morning, and share their insights electronically (via Twitter, Facebook, email, even Skype).  I signed up because I need to be part of a group for the whole Bible study thing to actually happen, and if there weren't 60-something other pairs of eyes waiting to read my post, I'd still be sleeping right now.  Yay accountability! We are using the SOAP method, which stands for

I thought it would be fun to do some or all of my GMG study on the blog as a way for others to link up.  If you want to get in on the action, why not join up here as part of a litt…

A Battle I'm Not Willing to Fight

So, it seemed like Ruby was ready for potty training.  She had started doing tell-tale things like ducking behind shelves or curtains to do her business, and she would occasionally come up and tell me when she was wet or needed a diaper change.  And she's 27 months old, so all the guidebooks say that it's open season on potty training. 
We were armed with dozens of pairs of cute little underpants, "potty treats" (chocolate covered sunflower seeds, bribes for going in the potty), propaganda (Elmo potty books and DVD), and some excitement at the idea of only changing one child's diapers per day, not both.  We were given expert advice (although some of it conflicted, as all expert advice tends to do) from people who had been there, done that, and those who are in the trenches right now. 
That was a week or so ago.  Now, I am a broken shell of the potty trainer I once was. I am retreating from the battle lines.  I do not think she is ready, or at least she's no…