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Quiet Night In

Tonight--once the children were in bed, of course--Allen and I enjoyed some rounds of Bananagrams, some hot cocoa, and nice, soft music in the background.  We didn't set out to make it a "date night" but I'd say that's how it ended up.  Sunday is the one day of the week where neither Allen nor I are working, but the day usually is busy anyway.  Church, soccer, and sometimes GROW meetings (Germans from Russia of Oregon and Washington) fill the day.  Add to that shopping and other assorted errands that somehow don't make it into the rest of the week, and it can still feel like we're not really spending quality time.  I know that this is a phase of life that requires a lot of "shoulder to shoulder" work rather than the newlywed/empty-nester phase of "face to face" time. There's also plenty of stress from parenting a two year old (and a strong willed one, at that) and a 7 month old who is just on the verge of crawling (and therefore g…

A few more gray hairs

Seriously, they are coming in and I know why...I have children!!!
This afternoon I was switching out my summer clothes for my fall ones. It's raining, gray, dreary, blehhhhhh! Everything that Portland is from October to June.  We've just had an unusual reprieve from the rain for the past few weeks and I didn't realize how much I was loving it until it was gone. I guess it goes to show I'm not a true native Pacific Northwester; if I were, I'd be saying something like, "Finally!"
But I'm getting off track.  I was sorting out clothes.  Max was on our bed right behind me.  I had just looked at him, and he was smack dab in the middle of the bed having some tummy time, looking pretty happy with toys in front of him.  What felt like thirty seconds later (although it could have been a minute), I heard a THUD and Max's cries.  I looked back to an empty bed.  I hollered and ran to pick him up.  I can't even remember if he was on his back or his stomach…

Picture Post!

I should be sleeping, because I have to go in to school tomorrow (making up for missing today) and that means getting up early-ish.  But I just uploaded some pictures and they're so cute, I just had to share them with y'all (as they would say in Missouri/Missourah).

Ruby's Haircut No, it's not her first haircut.  She got that around age 1, but she hadn't had a cut from August 2011 until September 2012, so that was a year's worth of growing.  I decided not to do anything much, just take her to get it trimmed by a pro, since I discovered that I am terrible at cutting even bangs. I took her to a cute kids' haircut place called Sit Still Salon near our house.  Her haircutter was so awesome; unbelievably patient and skilled.  Ruby enjoyed watching Elmo on tv while she got her hair cut, too.

Max-Pascal Joins the Table Max turned 6 months on September 25th, so we decided that it was time to introduce him to the wonderful world of baby food.  So far he's had crea…

Update on the Maxy-Moo

For those who have been following along, we took Max to the craniofacial disorder unit at Doernbecher Children's Hopsital at OHSU (Oregon Health & Science University) today to have his head evaluated for plagiocephaly (basically, flat spots on his head).  The nurse-practitioner was very nice and determined that the plagiocephaly was positional in nature, that is, due to him holding his head cocked to the right all the time.  She measured his head and said there is a 10 mm asymmetry, and 10-12 mm is the range at which OHSU recommends a helmet...but that's no guarantee that insurance will pick up the tab.  So, we're going to meet with the orthotist and have him fitted for a helmet.  The orthotist will send all the information and the prescription to insurance, and they'll either say yes or no.  If they say yes, hurray!!!! If they say no, well, Max gets to have an asymmetrical head, because helmets cost between $1900-$2500, and we don't have that!  But the good ne…


Hmm, you may have noticed my distinct lack of blog posts surrounding the book of Colossians and Good Morning Girls.  I did keep up with it (on Facebook) for the first week, and then went away to our church's women's retreat, and fell off the wagon.
I know what you're thinking: shouldn't a women's church retreat get you back ON the Bible wagon?
You'd think so.  But you'd be wrong.
The retreat was a mixed bag.  The speaker was awesome, but overall it was not a restful and happy time. Partly, it was because she gave excellent advice: think about the people in your life and choose to spend your time around people who are encouraging and uplifting.  Don't choose negative people.
This, of course, has nothing to do with why I haven't been getting up early to do the Bible study.  Perhaps it does in a tangential way: since I came back from the retreat, I feel like life has just been shaken up a little bit.
Today feels like we are inhabitants of a snow glo…