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Hello, 29

Technically, I should say, "Hello, 30," because when you turn 29 it means you've completed 29 years, seeing as we don't call a newborn baby 1.  The Chinese, apparently, reckon a baby's gestation into their age, so they are all 9 months older than we are, I guess.  But anyway, I am now 29 years old, embarking on my thirtieth year of life.  WOW! It's hard to believe I've been around that long.
28 was a year of big ups and big downs.  Big up: Max was born while I was 28.  Big down: some of the toughest patches Allen and I have yet gone through where when I was 28.
And this upcoming year promises to be just as full of question marks and surprises.  Allen will be graduating in just a few months, and then what? That's the biggest question: then what?  Will he go on to grad school? If so, for what, and where?  Here in Portland? In Bend?  In another state altogether?
When our lease is up in March, where will we go?  Will we continue to throw in our lot wit…