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What a relief it is to know
I’m a slave to Christ
Of all the masters I have known
I’m compelled to live this life
Free for you I’m on the other side of something
I’m on the other side of something I have a new hope that blows away
The small hopes I knew before
And at the end of the day I am yours
And I am compelled You’ve written on my very heart
Where no man can legislate
The law of your love has taken hold
With your holiness and grace
There’s no mistake I’m on the other side of something
I’m coming out the other side, the other side I have a new hope that blows away
The small hopes I knew before
And at the end of the day I am yours
And I am compelled I am drawn and driven, I am compelled
You have written it, I am compelled
You live in me
And I can’t help myself
That's the song that first popped up on Pandora when I clicked on the "Sara Groves" station, and what a great song it is to hear.  My first thought was, "Wow, good one, God."  Then I began to wonder how many people woul…


*Please note: if you do not have young children, you may want to skip this post.  It is going to be tediously centered on the topic of potty-training.  You have been warned.*

We last made a full-scale effort to potty train Ruby shortly after she turned 2.  It did not go well, so we gave up and decided to try again later. Now, it seems, is the later.  Today was day one of our weeklong concentrated effort.

I got an empty salsa jar and a bag of marbles, and told Ruby that every time she sits on the potty, she can add one marble to the jar.  Every time she pees in the potty, she gets to add three marbles, and when she poops in the potty, five marbles.  When the jar is filled with marbles, we will take a special trip to the zoo.

Of course, her face lit up: "We going to the ZOOOOO!" she crowed.

"Yes, but only when you fill up the jar with marbles. So, do you want to sit on the potty and put a marble in the jar?"



She did, in fact, sit on the potty…

What a week...

...and it's only Wednesday!  However, it feels like Friday, because it was our last day of school before Spring Break!  I'd do a jig about that except that I'm too tired and sick.  When I'm teaching full time my body seems to hold off on sickness until the moment break starts, and then I inevitably spend the first portion of break with a cold or whatever. I'm not teaching full time (at 60% now instead of the previous 20%) but it certainly feels full time, and I guess my body is responding accordingly.
It was a rough week, particularly yesterday.  While I can't and won't go into specifics for the sake of privacy, the short version of the story is that I got reamed out by a parent for supposedly being mean, harsh, and critical to her student and basically ruining the student's life.  This parent was so mad that she told her friends about it, and one friend wrote an irate letter to the editor--presumably about what a horrible teacher I am--and has threaten…

Midnight Mischief

Well, technically 2:27 AM mischief.  I was just turning over and trying to get comfortable in bed when I heard a cheerful little voice ring out, "GOOD MORNING!!!! GOOD MORNING!!!"
I scurried out of my room and sure enough, Ruby was standing at the baby gate which--mercifully--is the only thing to keep her in her room at night so far, seeing as she's figured out how to take the baby doorknob boggle thingies off of the knobs.  She had dressed herself in a different outfit than what we sent her to bed in, and she was just looking as bright eyed and bushy tailed as could be.  I told her that it was not time to get up, and she replied, "I'm just a little bit hungry!"  She hadn't eaten much of her dinner, so I gave her a banana and milk and crackers.  Now I must get her back into bed, a la Cindy Lou Who.  Here's hoping she goes down easily without awakening her brother.
What a little scamp!

"Gosh Dang It, I'm Obeying!"

The title is a direct quote from my almost-three-year-old daughter. She was having a rather hard time doing what she was told, mostly because she was overtired from not taking a nap.  I told her to pick up her stuffed animals and put them in her bed.  She ignored me and went on with whatever she was doing.  I sang my verison of the "uh oh song" (a Love and Logic idea), which went something like, "Uh oh! Ruby's not obeying..." and Ruby immediately snapped to attention and said, "Obeying! Gosh dang it!  Gosh dang it, I'm obeying!" as she scurried to put her stuffed animals on the bed.

It struck me as ruefully funny.  Of course, I'm a little bummed that my two year old already knows and uses the phrase "gosh dang it" (although it is better than the alternative). But it really reminded me of what my attitude towards God is so often like.  God tells me through His Word what I should and should not do.  I don't get around to it and c…

Spring is Coming

We've had a string of sunny days with mild (at times even warm!) weather and it has me thinking spring-y thoughts.  Specifically, my mind always seems to turn to planting things.
This seems normal enough.  After all, spring is the time when gardeners go out and get their seeds started in greenhouses or maybe even out in the garden beds if the last frosts are out of the way.
But I am not a gardener.  At least, not yet.  I am TERRIBLE with plants.  Have you ever heard that advice, "Before you have a baby, get a pet.  Before you get a pet, take care of a plant?"  Well, I'm glad that my ability to care for pets and babies has not been in any way related the way I take care of plants; otherwise I'd be in jail.  I'm the worst plant mom ever.  Plants regularly meet their end under my non-watchful eye.  I'm pretty sure this is because plants do not make noise when they need something.  If they meowed or squalled or did something to get my attention, I would att…