Midnight Mischief

Well, technically 2:27 AM mischief.  I was just turning over and trying to get comfortable in bed when I heard a cheerful little voice ring out, "GOOD MORNING!!!! GOOD MORNING!!!"
I scurried out of my room and sure enough, Ruby was standing at the baby gate which--mercifully--is the only thing to keep her in her room at night so far, seeing as she's figured out how to take the baby doorknob boggle thingies off of the knobs.  She had dressed herself in a different outfit than what we sent her to bed in, and she was just looking as bright eyed and bushy tailed as could be.  I told her that it was not time to get up, and she replied, "I'm just a little bit hungry!"  She hadn't eaten much of her dinner, so I gave her a banana and milk and crackers.  Now I must get her back into bed, a la Cindy Lou Who.  Here's hoping she goes down easily without awakening her brother.
What a little scamp!


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