Halloween Round Up

This post will be pretty sparse because, alas, all of my pictures from Halloween got deleted accidentally by a family member who shall remain nameless.  Sad sad.  At least Ben was still in his "costume," which was an extremely last minute homage to the first words his uncle Andy said to him: "This one looks like a caterpillar. Max looked like an old man, but he's definitely a caterpillar.  Look at that little caterpillar nose!"
 So, I decided to make a homemade caterpillar outfit out of some of Ruby's socks, plastic grocery bags to stuff them, and a little union suit of Ben's.  It took all of about 15 minutes, as you can probably discern from the pictures, but I didn't have the wherewithal to buy a real caterpillar outfit.

I admit, he looks more like an octopus from this view...

Luckily for Allen, it is a benign caterpillar and not inclined to attack
The night before Halloween, Allen carved a pumpkin for the kids and took their requests for what designs to carve.  Of course, by "their requests" I really mean "Ruby's requests."  Max is too taciturn as yet for making requests.

1st and less successful attempt at the kitty


Ruby dressed as Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty, but since yours truly is too much of a cheapskate to buy the actual trademarked Aurora dress and accessories, Ruby wore her purple dress up dress, one of my necklaces, and a sparkly plastic tiara (which has since been accidentally stepped on and broken).  She hasn't seen Sleeping Beauty in its entirety, but she enjoys watching a clip of the song "Once upon a dream" on YouTube, so I think that is where she got the idea to be Princess Aurora.
Max, as I said, is not ready to say what he wants to dress up as, so I still get to call the shots.  I decided he would make a cute farmer (especially since we already had all the clothes for that!)  He wore a red plain flannel shirt and jeans and a cowboy hat (although he removed the hat after about two seconds) and carried a little basket with toy wooden fruits and veggies in it and his toy trowel and spade and a packet of seeds.  It was pretty cute. 
This was the first year we took them trick or treating.  We just went to three or four houses in the neighborhood, mostly neighbors we knew.  Max did not get the concept at all, and Ruby kept trying to go into the houses when the doors were opened to her.  She definitely got the hang of taking candy, and a lot of people urged several pieces on her, "for your mommy and daddy."  I think it was partially because everyone was afraid of having too many leftovers.  We had zero trick or treaters.  Granted, our apartment is in the back of the house away from the street, but any enterprising young soul who walked down the gravel would have seen our porch light and pumpkin.  I don't think there were many people out, and I suspect this is a trend which will continue.  One family we saw told us that the real action was on Main Street in downtown Oregon City, which is lined with shops, and all of the shops are giving out candy to trick or treaters.  Then, too, there are the families who are going to harvest parties and the like instead of going around the neighborhood.  Oregon City is not a very sketchy place, especially the neighborhood we are in, but I think that the days of letting kids roam through neighborhoods at night are on their way out, and I can understand.  Too many scary things...and I don't mean people in ghoulish costume or pumpkin smashers.  When we returned from trick or treating (which we did before it got very dark) we had pizza with a jack o lantern face from pepperoni and allowed the kids to split a Reese's peanut butter cup (which neither of them finished).  I think Allen is going to be in charge of making sure their small haul gets eaten and I think we will continue to cherish as long as possible their lack of interest in candy.  
All in all, it was a pleasant Halloween, and made all the more so by the lack of rain!


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