Christmas is Near...

AdventUnplugged For some reason I feel even more behind schedule this year than ever before, even though it was my first Advent as a grown up where I wasn't working full time or even part time. I guess having three little ones will do that to you. So, as the picture above shows, I'm linking up with Haley for her challenge to unplug during Advent. I had my good days where I was only on the computer during naps and then my not-so-good days where it was out in the main room and I felt, as she described, as though my kids were distractions rather than the main event. But there have still been plenty of precious moments during this Advent season to treasure. Although I haven't yet gotten a good picture of it, Ben has definitely gotten the hang of smiling and does lots of cooing, too. It is very adorable. Today is Ruby's first day of a 2+ week Christmas break, so she and Max will have lots of playtime together. This morning they decided to transfer all of the toys from their room (and I mean ALL) into the kitchen for reasons unknown.

 Actually, Ruby said it was because they were going to Hello Kitty's home.
Anyway, it's all good.  Allen and I have concocted a great plan for Christmas Eve (which is TOMORROW, yikes).  All of our Christmas/Advent stuff is still in the totes.  There is nary a decoration to be seen, especially since most of our window clings have been peeled off by a certain preschooler I know. 
3 year olds: putting the "Oy" in "Joy to the World"
But you know what?  I refuse to feel bad about that.  This Advent, despite my best wishes, did not turn out to be the Advent of the awesome calendar and the Jesse Tree and leaving out shoes for St. Nicholas and all of that. Maybe next year.  But we did get to do some fun make Pinteresting mint plates and set off fire alarms, watch quality holiday movies, and take some really endearing family photos, and I had the opportunity to blog it all.  So here's what we're going to do for Christmas Eve: Allen got a free real Christmas tree (thank you Craigslist!) and it is stashed on our porch.  After the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve he and I are going to bring it in and decorate it so that when the kids wake up, there will be a tree where before there was only a table.  It should be awesome!  And we just got a present from Chandra today in the mail that is expressly for Christmas Eve reading pleasure (I'm guessing).  We're going to go to Christmas Eve services at our church tomorrow and then mass on Christmas morning, followed by Christmas festivities with Allen's family in the afternoon.  I have every reason to suspect it's going to be an awesome Christmas, even if we didn't do all the perfect Advent build up that I'd like to do in the future. 
Dear readers, in case I don't check in tomorrow or Christmas day (which is entirely likely considering how many presents have to be made in the next 36ish hours), have a very Merry Christmas and thanks for reading!!! I'm about to hit 11000 page views, which makes me feel so special.  


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  2. Thanks Iris, Merry Christmas to you too!


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