A Good Day for Mail

You know what's awesome?  Getting something in the mail that is not a bill, junk mail, or misaddressed mail (given our frequency of moving, that happens a lot).  Heck, I even get excited about getting my high school and college's alumni magazines, so you can imagine my level of excitement when I beheld my mail today.
Not one box.
Not two boxes.
But THREE boxes were sitting on my doorstep, guarded by our neighbor's five security chickens (wish I had a picture of that).
I got two boxes from home and one that I had ordered two weeks ago.
What's that you're murmuring?  Oh, how I wonder what is inside those boxes!  Well, it's your lucky day, because I am going to give you a running photo commentary!
First, the box that I ordered.  This was exciting because I was really excited to receive the product.  It's a Mama's Notebook Weekly Planner & Organizer.  I am not a terribly organized person, so having a planner is important…and it's also satisfying to look through what you've accomplished.  I always have a better year as a teacher when I keep a detailed lesson plan book (which I did this school year, mostly because I knew I might have to turn it over to a sub at any moment), so I'm hoping that the same successes will translate into housekeeping.  I'll show you a few pictures to whet your appetite for getting one, too!

I'll just list the table of contents for you:
Year at a glance (2013-2015)
Weekly Charts, Lists & Goals (pictured below)
Standard Food Shopping Lists
Go-To Meal Ideas
Daily Routine
Weekly Routine Charts
Other Activities/Commitments
Social Life (!)
Basic Weekly Chore Chart
Chores, Cleaning
Spiritual Life
Long Term Projects

The Weekly Chart Page(s)

The Weekly Lists & Goals Page(s)
How awesome is that? I'll tell you, it's awesome.  I know some of you out there are very organized on your own, or you've already made/bought your own system that works for you, which is great and hats off to ya.  But in case you, like me, are not naturally organized and you still haven't found anything that works for you, maybe this is the planner for you.  As a bonus motivation, the planners are made by a mom so every purchase is helping her family directly.  Heather has other ones, too: a New Baby Notebook, a Budget Notebook (that's next on my wish list), and a Knit/Crochet Notebook (hmm, could be a great present for my sister!)  So, check Heather's site out and if you see something you like, well, you know what to do. 
Nota Bene: I was not paid to write this review, nor was I given a free copy so that I could review it.  I bought it with my own money, so no tricks or kickbacks here, folks!  Although, if YOU have a company and you want to give me a free sample of something you make to review, I would be more than happy to chat with you about that!

Moving right along to the other two boxes: oh my, they contained wonders and treasures. You see, they were sent by my ever-loving mama.  My mom (as you'll discover in tomorrow's tribute!!) is an amazing lady, and one of her many, MANY talents is sending THE BEST care packages in the world.
You still get care packages?  You're not in college anymore, and you're not in the military! 
 I know.  I totally don't deserve this level of awesomeness.  It's called "grace," folks, which is getting what you don't deserve.  Anyway, my mom is awesome at sending periodic packages that contain all sorts of fun and/or necessary goodies for our family.  Here's what was in today's boxes:

First up, some Christmas stuff.
Stockings and cookie cutters for next year :)

My sister has taken up my grandma's mantle of knitting personalized Christmas stockings.  I know everyone out there has their own special take on Christmas stockings, and I'd never be so churlish as to say that these are the best…but, they kind of are the best.  The front bears the person's name and the back bears the year of his/her birth.  She knit one for Allen after he married me but somehow it got lost, so she knit him a new one.  And then we've kept her quite busy by having kids all the time, but she's now current and has a stocking for all three kids.  Yay!  I guess we'll have to keep all of our future children's names or nicknames short, though, since it is impossible to fit long ones on the stocking.  

But that's not all she knit!  I got my Christmas present in the package, too. Her gift to me was to knit me the item of my choice. I requested a scarfy/hatty thing I saw on Pinterest, and she made it.

See? It functions as a scarf and a hood!

It is sooooo warm.  I love it.  I might not take it off for the next few months.  Of course, Ben wasted no time in spitting up on it, so I will have to take it off to clean it, but other than that, I am digging the babushka look.  Those babushkas were warm, darn it all, and I like to be cozy in the winter time.  Thank you Sarah!  You are the best!  If you weren't so busy being a straight A student/Shakespearean actress/cello player/baker/knitter/senior in high school, you could sell these things!  Priorities, kid, priorities.  

What else was in the boxes of joy?
New socks, because Mom read my post about only having holey socks and took pity on my feet

These books look like they will have some great craft ideas!

I didn't even get into the second box but it is Valentine's themed with new clothes for the kids!
There was also a wonderfully providential check from some friends from Old Orchard Church (a belated wedding/babies present!)  Thank you Gary and Mary Beth!  And of course there were other books and a stuffed animal, but those are already being played with.  

That was my awesome batch of mail today.  I hope your day provided something similarly great.  And I am pleased to let you know that if you are a young and eligible bachelorette, there is still time for YOU to get my mom as your mother-in-law.  I have one brother who is single at the moment so feel free to marry on into this family. I'm not sure I'm ready to put my sister on the market yet but young and eligible bachelors out there, take note and be ready to apply in a few years.


  1. Apparently, "awesome" was my awesomely overused word of the day. Oops!


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