I feel ya, Britney

Remember a couple years back when Britney Spears, in a move that probably had her PR handlers discovering new stress ulcers everyday, decided to cut off her own hair?  You don't remember?  Don't worry, the Internet does!
It doesn't seem as crazy right now...
I can't remember why she did it, but I know why I'm tempted to cut off my hair: it keeps falling out.  Everywhere.  In quantity.  YUCK.
This usually happens to me after I have a baby, what with the hormones fluctuating and being all crazy-like.  But I don't remember it being this bad!  My hair is falling out in such quantity that I don't know why I don't have bald spots!  Handfuls per day.  And it isn't just coming out when I'm brushing, it's just shedding everywhere.  I am finding long brown hair everywhere.  The dishwasher.  The cupboards.  In food I'm cooking.  My kids' clothes. In Ben's BED (I don't even sleep in there!)  In the dryer.  And most of all, on the floor.  This place is a "sweep multiple times a day or else live in squalor" type of residence anyway, and the hair is making it worse.  I would say I'm pulling my hair out over this, but I don't even need to do that.  It's pulling itself out. 
Anyway, does anyone out there have any remedies for this problem, besides just waiting it out? It seems to be growing normally and I don't have any bald patches, so I don't think I'm actually losing hair permanently.  I don't mind the length right now, if I weren't seeing it everywhere except on my head.  Every day for the past few weeks I have thought to myself that gosh darn it, I am just going to have to go get it all cut off (not shaved, just short).  But, I don't really have the money for that, and plus I would have to wear a scarf for the next three months, because the long hair is helping keep my neck warm. 
If you have ideas that have worked, please let me know. Otherwise, don't be surprised if I crack under the strain and get a haircut.  Just hopefully not like Britney's.


  1. Hair falling out like that has only happened to me when I had a bad, bad thyroid problem. Even post-pregnancy my hair loss did not match that time in my life. Maybe check with your doctor about a quick thyroid blood test?

  2. Hi Jenny! So fun to hear from you! And what a beautiful family you guys have! I'd love to hear more about how you're doing these days =). Sorry about the hair loss. The good news is, your hair usually gets thicker during pregnancy so there should have been some extra to get rid of. How much? Hard to say. I wouldn't worry unless you see empty patches on your head, I and several friends had this problem and it just went away after a bit.


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