I was nominated!

Hey, guess what?  I was nominated for a blog award!  Bonnie at A Knotted Life is hosting her second annual Sheenazing Awards (Sheenazing=Sheen+Amazing).

Contrary to what you might guess, these awards are not named for Charlie Sheen, or even Martin Sheen.  They are named for Venerable Fulton Sheen, a Roman Catholic archbishop most famous in the middle of the last century for using radio and TV as a platform for preaching the gospel.  Apparently reruns of his shows are still being aired on both EWTN (Catholic cable station) and TBN (Evangelical/Charismatic cable station).
Anyway, I was nominated in the "Best Blog by a Non-Papist" category, so if you feel like casting your virtual ballot for me, feel free to head on over yonder.


  1. I want to vote, couldn't find cookies in a cookie jar. Please give me directions


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