Five Favorite Songs for Getting Out of a Funk

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I wouldn't say I'm someone for whom life would be meaningless without music, but I do enjoy it.  I find it especially wonderful for helping me when I'm stuck in a funk (and not the good kind, the "funk vs. dinosaurs Tuesday Nite Fite"kind).  So, here are 5 songs that always help me when I'm stuck in a rut.

1.  Maybe There's a Loving God 
Sara Groves

Really, just about any Sara Groves song will serve to lift my spirits.  She's amazing.  This has always been a favorite, though.  So real.  

2. Resurrection (Piper Radio Edit)
Nicol Sponberg

Sadly, YouTube doesn't have a video of this.  But it's on Spotify.  I first heard it on the radio in 2006, and I like the techno-ish dance beat on the Radio edit version.  You can't be in a funk whilst you're dancing!

3.  God is Enough
Lecrae ft. Flame & Jai

I won't even pretend to be a connoisseur of the rap/crunk music scene, but I love Lecrae.  You should try him out.  He has some pretty amazing insights and more scripture packed into his songs than 99.5% of the music that gets airtime on Christian radio stations…yet oddly enough I never hear his music 
played on there.  

4. Peace of Mind

Once again I have to thank +Jackson Ferrell for introducing me to this song in a mix tape (well, mix CD but that doesn't sound the same) he made me years back.  I also love playing it (badly) on Guitar Hero. That game is fun.  

5.  What is Love?
Emily Roig

You've got to check this girl out!  This is probably my favorite track on the album.  I love the rich, dense harmonies and the message is always perfect for refocusing my attention: "It [love] is not just a feeling, it's a man's action; it has a name: Jesus."

Those are five of my favs…what about you?  Does music help lift you out of a funk?  Do tell!


  1. Thanks Christy! And thanks for hosting the Five Favourites this week…it's my first time participating!


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