Hop on over...

…to Real Housekeeping to read my inaugural column post there!  Woohoo!

It's probably going to be a quiet week on the ol' blog front.  I'm babysitting all this week for two other kids (ages 4 and 2) so instead of my usual 3 three and under crowd I now have 5 under 5!  Wowzers!

Are you wondering how I am fitting them all in my house?  Well, I'm not.  (WHEW!) Since I'm covering for a friend this week who usually watches the kids at her house, I'm just bringing my kids over to her house and watching everyone there…which is great because she has a nice big house with a  big living room AND a playroom.

But it doesn't leave a lot of time for me to get on the computer, so I'll sign off now…hope you have a great day!


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