The Great Purse Purge of '14

(NB: Usually Tuesdays on this blog are reserved for Tribute Tuesday, but I'm switching it up this week to take part in Kendra's Purse Dump Link-Up…because apparently having to organize my bedroom closets this week for Real Housekeeping isn't ENOUGH organization!)

I don't currently use a purse.  I have a huge black one that I got from Goodwill for job interviews and such, but I don't really like it for the mommy life, and I don't like carrying a purse separate from a diaper bag.  This, therefore, is my "purse":
That's right, an old Eddie Bauer backpack we picked up in the Bargain Basement of Next Adventure (great outdoor gear shop in Portland).  I like a backpack because when I carry a purse on one shoulder, I can only do it on my right side (it always slips off my left shoulder) and I'm such a spaz that I always knock it into something when I'm putting on or taking off an "across the body" type of messenger bag.  Hopeless.  So, backpack it is.  

Let's look at the contents (100% unrigged).

The dump: the hot pink wallet is where I keep my money and cards and such
 A lot of the big stuff in here needs to be in here because it's a diaper bag. But of course, there's always some detritus that settles to the bottom like so much un-useful sediment.  Let's take a closer look, shall we?
Oh, and I'm not as smart as some people and didn't think to put a towel or a sheet down for these photos, so you get a look at my beautiful (j/k, it's opposite day!) tile floor.

First up, we have some free swag that a pharmacy gave me.  A fridge magnet, chapstick, two things that I think are mints but I'm not sure, and a packet of sunscreen.  Scout's honor.  It is not another thing that comes in a packet that size.  It is sunscreen (which was leaking, by the way).

Next, some toys which have made their way into the bag.  The red truck (which is a puzzle piece) and two plastic horses.  Probably the most majestic of the items in this diaper bag.

Some random health and hygiene products…who knows how old they are? Not me.

Kid entertainment things (along with cookie cutters…because you never know when the need will arise to bake sugar cookies!)

Ziploc bags containing extra outfits for each child

Diaper necessities…oops, got down to one baby sized diaper and no toddler sized diapers…better fix that!

Feeding essentials (although I never bother to put the bib on Ben, I keep it around in case one day I'll remember that it's hidden in the bottom of the bag)

A recent gift from my mother-in-law: old calendars for collaging and coupons that I might want to clip

Of course, no purse/diaper bag is complete without receipts, old bags, and other trash.  

So, there you have it.  Not very exciting, especially when compared with some Mary Poppinsesque people out there .  But it was a good chance to take out the things that didn't need to be there.

  1. My favorite thing in here is…probably the nearly full can of Similac and bottle, because a fed baby is a happy baby, and a happy baby is a happy mommy, therefore, etc.
  2. Wow, I really have a lot of…coupons that, upon inspection, I will not use.
  3. I've been looking for…that red truck puzzle piece.
  4. Huh.  That shouldn't be in there…the cookie cutters, pharmaswag, and calendars (and they were duly removed.)
Thanks for inspiring some clean up, Kendra!  Maybe one of these days I'll graduate to having a diaper bag/purse that doesn't make me look like a wayward college student.

(Also, please forgive the excessive use of ellipses in this post.)


  1. "Pharmaswag" Nice.

    I love the photo of the horses and truck. It looks reminiscent of and yet not at all like an old Anheiser Busch Ad.

    Clothes in ziplock is inspired.

    1. The extra clothes in zip locks have come in handy on several occasions!

  2. Wow. You haul that around all day?

    1. I'm sure I'm a sight to see: huge backpack on, hoisting a baby carrier in one hand, holding a toddler's hand in the other, with a preschooler wandering around whimsically with us.

  3. So with you on the purse/diaperbag combo. Why carry two? And receipts, yup, can't ever completely empty the bag of them.

    1. Oh yes, one is easiest…is yours prettier, though?

  4. I had a whole stash of coupons in my bag, too! Most of them were expired. Oops.


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