A Worthy Cause...

I don't personally know this family, but a friend of mine does and posted this on her FB wall.  I looked into the family's story, and it is so grievous.  Two daughters (ages 3 and 6) killed in a horrible car accident; in my opinion, you don't need to know a family personally to be able to sympathize with them at such an awful time.

There is a fund set up to help them cover medical and funeral expenses; because even though it seems like adding insult to injury, bills must be paid, even in such grief.  I made a donation, hoping that even the little we gave can go a long way in helping them, and I will be praying for them.

Won't you consider reading their story, sending up prayers, and maybe contributing to the fund by clicking the hyperlink?  If you are a Christian, you are commanded to love each other in both spiritual and tangible ways. If you are of some other faith or none at all, you most likely feel it a matter of basic human dignity to help those in need.  It's a situation where we can all come together to help each other, and there seem to be precious few of those opportunities seized upon nowadays.

Thanks for thinking about it and double thanks for acting on it.


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