Worn Down (an apologia for lack of blogging)

I feel like a clock whose batteries are on the verge of being done: just getting slower and slower, more and more out of sync with real time.

I'm pretty sure there's a medical reason behind this.  Last Monday, I finally had the appointment with my GP that I'd been waiting 6 weeks to have.  I told her about my symptoms which seemed to match perfectly with those of hypothyroidism.  She looked at my blood tests from January and said, "No, when your thyroid levels are this low, it means you have hyperthyroidism."

Well, I'd done enough WebMD searches to know that the symptoms for hyperthyroidism are, unsurprisingly, mostly opposite of what I was experiencing.  Rapid heartbeat, shaking, tremors, increased nervousness (okay, that one was applicable), rapid weight loss: these were not my symptoms!

When I attempted to make this known to the doctor, she looked at me with a somewhat glazed expression (probably that of one who has seen too many patients already in one day) and said, "Well, let's order some more blood tests, and I'll refer you to get an ultrasound of your thyroid."  So off to the lab room I went (with all the kids in tow).  In case you were wondering, it is not enjoyable to hold a writhing and screeching 27 pound toddler boy in your left arm while having several vials of blood removed via long needle from your right arm.  I don't advise it. Next blood draw, I'm getting a babysitter.

I got the ultrasound on Thursday (and a friend from church blessedly watched all the kids so I didn't have to keep tabs on anyone).  Now I'm waiting to hear the results.  Meanwhile, the doc prescribed me medication based on the new blood test results, which confirmed once again that my thyroid levels were low (meaning hyperthyroidism), BUT the medication she prescribed is meant to combat hypothyroidism. Color me confused.  I'm not going to take the meds until I can get a straight answer from this doctor, and now that the weekend is over I'm going to be calling until I get through to her.

Add to this the cold virus that just won't die; it has been circling around the family for weeks now.  I had the boys tested for RSV and pneumonia and they were clear of that.  Just a virus, nothing to do but drink water, rest, etc.  It seems that as soon as one family member's cold clears up it just goes on to the next person.  I know that's not shocking but it's definitely aggravating!

Due to the general physical malaise (despite exercising and eating right, darn it!), I feel incapable of keeping up with daily tasks, and definitely incapable of blogging regularly.  It hasn't been for lack of things to write about.  Here are the things I was *going* to write about last week:

*a (former) teacher's take on that "I hate Common Core math letter" meme thing that's been all over Facebook
*all the interesting conversations I've been having with Ruby
*a couple of articles for Real Housekeeping on WIC recipes and cleaning products I like
*a clean up link up about wall washing and general spring cleaning
*photos of the new house and yard
*reflections on self-esteem with regard to physical appearance and working out
*tributes to Mr. Salomon (my acting teacher) and LP (former director of athletics during my time at St. John's and rowing coach), along with a tribute to Max who turns 2 tomorrow!
*Psalm 71 (2 weeks late)
*some other things I've since forgotten

It just hasn't happened.  Falling into bed (after shoving aside mountains of laundry), that's what's happened.

I'm hoping to be doing better soon, and hopefully more present in the blog world.  I know that blogging isn't an obligation (oblogation, ha ha) but it is helpful and enjoyable.  I like to do it. I'm just not getting to it. In the words of Chandra, sigh sigh.  On to the day ahead!


  1. Don't stress. Feel better soon. We'll be here when you get back.

  2. I feel like, even when you're HEALTHY, you have more than a few reasons to fall behind on ye olde blogge. Take yourself a rest, sister--first things first, and all that! LOVES.

  3. I'm going to stick my nose in and recommend that you see a good naturopath. It has made a huge difference in my very broken body. It's just a suggestion though. We will pray for you and I hope that you feel better soon. Be good to yourself!

  4. Chica! Rest up. Feel better. No apologia necessary.

  5. Oh Jenny! I'm thinking of you and sending good thoughts/prayers your way. Doctors visits and trying to diagnose things can be so stressful.

    Thanks for keeping us posted. I love reading and seeing how you and your wonderful family are doing. Take care of yourself.


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