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Psneaking in a late Psalmody Psunday

Oh Greek "ps-" diphthong, you never fail to amuse me.  

Here's my reflection on Psalm 83, and unlike last time, I actually stuck to my five minute time limit.  This was mostly thanks to my children fomenting a pre-breakfast rebellion.  

Here goes:

This psalm seems to be written during a time of persecution and danger from neighboring nations.  It does not feel particularly applicable to me. How gentle a life I lead!  There are Christians (and Jews) all over the world who are probably clinging to this psalm as a lifeline, whispering “Deal with them as with Midian...make them like the whirling dust,” as they see those in power oppressing them and threatening them with unjust imprisonment or death.

There are quite a few voices in America today who would argue that Christians are becoming targets of persecution that will turn out the same.  I am of two minds about this.  First, I agree that there is a trend that would like to declaw the Lion of Judah and make God more of a cute …

7 QT: The clothes, shoes, and hair edition

--- 1 --- As of today, I have finished up a very big project for a friend and am at leisure to do more blogging again.

Luckily, I'm not a psychopath.

--- 2 --- You should all be glad that I don't have a smart phone.  If I did, I would have been live tweeting my shopping adventure last night.  That's right, I went shopping…for clothes…for myself…by myself!  Well, nearly by myself. I took Ben with me, because he's a great companion.  That baby is game for just about any expedition at any time.  It is so nice.  
--- 3 --- I went to Nordstrom Rack.  I was trying to remember the last time I did serious clothes/shoe shopping for myself. A few years at the very least, and I'm planning that my purchases from yesterday will last me many years.

Do you ever have, "I'm becoming my mother" moments?  I did, last night.  I found a shirt I liked that was flattering and promptly bought two more of the same style in different colors. My mom is all about that.  Don'…

It's Easter!

He is risen!  He is risen indeed!  Alleluia, Alleluia!

It was a fairly simple day.  We got dressed up and went to church (Pro Tip: do not arrive late on Easter Sunday and expect to get anything other than standing room only).

We tried to take pictures of the kids while they were all dressed up.  I took many, hoping that statistically at least one would be good...

Then we got some kind gentleman to take some family pictures for us, which went slightly better…

Went home and let the kids get into their Easter goodies from Grandma Laurie…

Then the kids took naps played mostly contained in their room and I cooked dinner…and I am pleased to say that I had a non-Pinterest Failworthy table!  Look at those cute cupcakes!!! For once, my cupcake decorating skills have worked out well for me.

While we waited for Andy and Alishia to arrive, Allen decided to chill with the kids in his truck.  Some quality Daddy time, you know…

Psalmody Psunday: (Catching Up) on Psalms 71 and 19

Let me dust off the ol' blog here…

Yes, back to that magnificent idea I had to meditate on and write about the Psalms.  It was a fine idea, wasn't it?  So fine that I did it once and then have missed a few weeks.  Sigh.  Enough about me, though, let's talk about God!

Psalm 71 (the entirety of which can be found here)
Thank you, Holy Spirit, for inspiring David to write his psalms and for inspiring the founders of the canon to include them.  There are plenty of parts of the Bible that modern folks can point to and laugh at its old-fashionedness or just bizarre stories (I'm looking at you, Leviticus and Judges).  "What an irrelevant religion," they might scoff.  Still, I'd wager that most of us have felt the emotions called to mind in the Psalms (and certainly in Lamentations). Psalm 71 is a great example.

"Oh God, do not be far from me!  Oh my God, hasten to my help!"  (v. 12)

I think it is Anne Lamott who says that her favorite prayers are &quo…