7 QT: The clothes, shoes, and hair edition

As of today, I have finished up a very big project for a friend and am at leisure to do more blogging again.

Luckily, I'm not a psychopath.

You should all be glad that I don't have a smart phone.  If I did, I would have been live tweeting my shopping adventure last night.  That's right, I went shopping…for clothes…for myself…by myself!  Well, nearly by myself. I took Ben with me, because he's a great companion.  That baby is game for just about any expedition at any time.  It is so nice.  

I went to Nordstrom Rack.  I was trying to remember the last time I did serious clothes/shoe shopping for myself. A few years at the very least, and I'm planning that my purchases from yesterday will last me many years.

Do you ever have, "I'm becoming my mother" moments?  I did, last night.  I found a shirt I liked that was flattering and promptly bought two more of the same style in different colors. My mom is all about that.  Don't mess with success.

According to the style column in our local newspaper, that's a rookie move, but I don't care.  I think the shirt is awesome and flattering and with a "mummy tummy" (as the Brits say, apparently), you have to go with that.
I was also on the hunt for nice shoes.  I have one pair of dress shoes right now, and they are technically dance "character" shoes (meaning basic strapped pumps that are suitable for swing dancing or dancing in musical theatre, etc.).  This means they have a leather sole with no traction.  That's great for a slick dance floor and spinning around and turning on a dime.  It is not good for a mom trying to chase kids around.

I finally bid adieu to a pair of flats I bought for my sophomore (in high school) formal dance.  I loved them.  But the soles were so worn that they too had lost all traction, and I actually fell down in the hall at church while trying to hustle my flailing toddler out.  It was time to say goodbye to them.  Aren't you proud of me?

Not impressed.

Back to the shoe search: apparently nude peep toe pumps are in this season.  This would be awesome, since I love peep toe shoes and nude/beige is a very versatile shade that goes with everything non-black; alas, I am terrible at wearing heels.  I just wobble all over the place, and given that I have small children to corral, it seems like a recipe for  broken ankles.  
Oh, stilettos, why must you tempt me?

But all was not lost.  I found some nice wedge heel sandals that are actually comfortable, cushy, and don't look too lame.  I also got a pair of Keen sandals because, well, Oregon.  If you don't own at least one pair of Keens you are clearly not trying hard enough to look like you belong here.  Besides, they are comfy.
In high school, one of my favorite pastimes was to go to the mall or to stores like Ross or Marshall's with my BFF, try on six million articles of clothing, maybe buy one of them, and make fun of silly and trendy clothes on the rack.  I am pleased to announce that most trendy clothes still look silly and I saw plenty of them on the racks last night.  I also find brand names to be hilarious.  One pair of jeans I saw was made by a company called "Skinny and Rich."  Well, if that doesn't disqualify me right there, I don't know what does.
As I was trying on clothes, I kept thinking, "I need a haircut."  Doesn't a fresh haircut make everything look better?  I've always thought so.  And I must say that I'm ready to go short again.  I last had my haircut in December 2012.  The last time I had it all chopped off was in December 2011, and it was disastrous.  I used a Groupon to a place I'd never been.  There were some communication difficulties, as the lady cutting my hair had a very thick accent and also thought I was nuts for wanting to have a short haircut.  "Oh, that would not look good.  That would look like a man," she said when I showed her a picture of my DRIVER'S LICENSE PHOTO.  Ummmmm, what?? Did you just call former me a man?  Wow.

But nonetheless, she did cut it short, except it looked awful.  I got one compliment on it from someone I worked with, but my husband was horrified by it and my brother-in-law and his wife both said the same thing (at separate times) when they saw it.  "Well…it's short!"  Sigh.

I grew up with short hair.  I think it suits me.  My husband likes my hair long.  Why do men like that? Is it because they do not want their wives to be mistaken for dudes?  I think a lot of women look gorgeous with long hair.  I see them at Jazzercise all the time.  The problem is that my hair doesn't look like that when it is long!  It grows out into an unruly shrub.

So, this is the haircut I would like to try (the cut, not the color! I would make a horrendous blonde):

When I showed it to Allen, however, his reaction was something like, "Aww heck no, I am not married to Justin Bieber OR Miley Cyrus."  He later (with great resignation) said that I could do what I wanted, but he did not like it.  I think what I'm going to have to do is to take the picture to a really good stylist and explain the situation and see if he/she has any good compromises.  

But hey, hair grows back, right?  It isn't a permanent commitment, thank goodness.  

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  1. I personally do not like short haircuts on women. My husband asked me all of the time to grow my hair out, and when I finally did, he complimented me all the time. Even though it was a small sacrifice on my part, it was a huge success for us in our marriage.

  2. I'm trying to grow my hair out. Asked today if I could cut it. I got a look like "You know I would like it long." Since I didn't have to go out today I put my hair up in a clip we use on the fridge. Making a silent protest that is being much ignored. lol

  3. I wear my hair up a lot anyway, so it seems superfluous to have long hair! But you gotta keep the hubbies happy...

  4. That's funny, I used a gift card at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago! I was also intimidated by the styles. Finally found a few pieces that were both trendy (hopefully?) and MY style.
    With regards to hair length...in the past, I would tend to spend a year or two growing my hair out, then give up in protest and whack it off to a REALLY short bob. Finally I realized that I actually do like long hair, the problem is that I just lack skills in how to style it so that it looks decent. So this last time, I used a gift card that was intended to be a massage at Dosha and used it for a haircut with a good stylist. I got just a slight trim and told her that what I was really looking for was tips on how to style it and the right product to use to get it that way. Since then I am really happy with my long hair, which is something that I never was before. So....that's my experience at least! Not that yours has to be that way.

  5. BTW, loved your Moriarty clip. :)

  6. *ahemn* I think you look adorable and like Audrey Hepburn when you have short hair. I myself am also going through a short hair phase again...though not as short as I had it for a while at St. John's. I think that the whole men wanting women to have long hair is a tad silly and something we've bought into culturally. I think there are even some cultures where men keep their hair long...I dunno. You are also the one who has to take care of it...then again, I am not married and only really have myself to worry about whether or not it's long. I think some women can look great with short hair (as you can). That's my two cents...

    1. And that was meant to be *ahem* (typo)

    2. Thanks for the Audrey Hepburn comparison! Yeah, I'm not sure where the long hair love comes from. Thankfully Allen doesn't really care in the long run about hair length (as he reminded me while reading this blog post!).

    3. Wasn't your hair short when you got married? Or am I remembering wrong? Hair is hair, and it grows back :) whatever you choose, I am sure it will be great!


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