Psneaking in a late Psalmody Psunday

Oh Greek "ps-" diphthong, you never fail to amuse me.  

Here's my reflection on Psalm 83, and unlike last time, I actually stuck to my five minute time limit.  This was mostly thanks to my children fomenting a pre-breakfast rebellion.  

Here goes:

This psalm seems to be written during a time of persecution and danger from neighboring nations.  It does not feel particularly applicable to me. How gentle a life I lead!  There are Christians (and Jews) all over the world who are probably clinging to this psalm as a lifeline, whispering “Deal with them as with Midian...make them like the whirling dust,” as they see those in power oppressing them and threatening them with unjust imprisonment or death.

There are quite a few voices in America today who would argue that Christians are becoming targets of persecution that will turn out the same.  I am of two minds about this.  First, I agree that there is a trend that would like to declaw the Lion of Judah and make God more of a cute fluffy LOLcat instead: cute but optional, especially if you’re allergic.  In order for this trend to take place, it means that those who hold the strong line will be ridiculed or removed from office or places of influence. 

But I also can’t help but feel a bit irked when I hear “war on Christmas” pundits saying that we are in a time of “real persecution.”  Some in this nation are facing real persecution, and many in the world are facing persecution unto death: to equate a cashier saying, “Happy Holidays” with those things seems fatuous at best.  

And my five minutes is up

Don't forget that you can also read my awesome cousin's reflections on the same Psalm here.  

Next week: Psalm 24


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