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7 QT: Team Awesome-o Edition

Inspiration was not striking me…until I thought of asking Allen to help me write this week's quick takes.  Here comes Team Awesome-o!  Allen's comments will be in blue, mine in black.
--- 1 --- Hey, here's an old picture (ca. 2009, whilst engaged) of us being awesome:
Hey, here's a weird coincidence…I happen to be wearing that exact same tank top today and also having short hair!

You know what that means…
You chose the LEAST dorky one of yourself?
Well, it's the one that looks most like me from last time. Mmm-hmmm… Okay, okay, fine, have it your way!
--- 2 --- What other embarrassing pictures should we put up?
[looks through iPhoto]
Wow, there are way too many embarrassing pictures of me.  Mostly from college.
I wouldn't say embarrassing; just funny.
Hmm, embarrassing is in the eye of the beholder.  Speaking of embarrassing, what is one of your most embarrassing moments that you can think of, Allen?
I've tried to block these from my memory…oh, oh geez. Remember…

Psalmody Psunday: Psalm 24


Psalm 24 contains some verses which always depressed me, to tell the truth.  Here they are:

Who may ascend to the hill of the Lord?
And who may stand in His holy place?
He who has clean hands and a pure heart,
who has not lifted up his soul to falsehood
and has not sworn deceitfully.
He shall receive a blessing from the Lord
and righteousness from the God of his salvation.
(Psalm 24:3-5)

Why should this depress me, you ask? Well, I am obviously not one with clean hands and a pure heart. I have lifted up my soul to falsehood: "Hmm, [influence] must be right…I guess [temptation du jour] is not such a big deal."  
I have sworn deceitfully.  "I promise, I won't do [that sin] again!"
Therefore, what right do I have to stand in the Lord's holy place, or to receive a blessing?

None, of course.  There's nothing to recommend me to God's holy presence, "nothing but the blood of Jesus" as the old gospel song goes.  By Jesus' death, I …

Answer Me This (with photos of beardless Allen!)

The questions for this week…

1. What's the scariest thing that's ever been in your yard?
Hmm.  That's a lot of yards to remember. I can't think of anything actually scary, but I can think of lots of gross things.  For example, the house I grew up in had a yard which was publicly owned (city property), yet we kids still thought of it as part of our yard most of the time. We also lived near a park and every so often there would be illicit activity happening there and we'd find a used condom on the ground.  Of course, for most of my childhood I had no idea what they were, and I wouldn't be surprised if I picked some of them up to inspect them further. Yecchhhhhhhhhh.

2.  Beards.  Thumbs up or thumbs down?
Well, my husband looks good with a beard.

Without a beard, he appears to be about twelve.
Beards are a thing in his family.  My side of the family is not so beardy, and I never had a "thing" for beards.  But it really suits him, and I can't really i…

7 QT: Hair

--- 1 ---
It was time for a change.  Long overdue, actually. 

--- 2 --- Here's my hairvolution over years 0-18.

--- 3 -- I went off to college with the short hair I'd sported through most of high school, but after sophomore year decided it was time to try growing it out again.

--- 4 --- Thus began the "awkard growing it out/experimenting with bangs/haircolor from a box" phase (which lasted for roughly all of junior year, as it turned out)
At times it was truly TRAGIC--like reindeer sweater level proportions, as some might say.  Oh, and apropos of yesterday's post, that above photo there of me and the pumpkin was always one that I looked at and thought, "Uggggggghhhhh FAT LEGS!"  And now I'm looking at it and thinking, "What was I so unhappy about?"  Time heals all neuroses, I suppose.

--- 5 --- Eventually it settled down into a shoulder length look which had its good and bad moments.
Then I let it grow out and decided I'd wait to cut it unt…

Open Letter to my WUG

Hi WUG.  I see you there.  I bet everyone else does, too…they just don't know it because they don't know my name for you.

WUG is an acronym.  It stands for Weird Underarm Girth.  You know, the part of your body that kind of puffs out over the top of your bra band or tank tops.  I hear you're also known as "sideboob."

I came up with the nickname WUG in high school when out trying on clothes.  Tank tops are pretty standard summer fare in St. Louis because it's so darn hot, so I had lots of opportunity to see my WUG and to dislike it very much.  I had very little affection for you, WUG.

But now, that's different.  I guess I do have a certain affection for you. It's not because I suddenly love excess body fat distributed in seemingly random places.  It's just because, well, you're part of me.  Like it or not, there you are.

Same with the smile lines at the corners of my eyes and my exponentially increasing amount of gray hairs, and the muffin …

Talkin' bout parts!

The time has come.  Ruby is quite fascinated by all things anatomical, especially in the boys vs. girls department.  Since she has two younger brothers and sees many diaper changes in a day, she's begun to notice and comment on why they have different parts than she does.

I'm doing my best to make use of all the advice I've gotten and read:

be frank and calm; set the toneuse correct terminology, not cutesy words or slangcommunicate the truth that all parts of our bodies are good But it always helps to have a good book on the subject to read with your kiddo, I think.
Amazon Prime to the rescue!  I ordered this book and we read it tonight (after I previewed it, of course).

I like it.  It is written simply but without simpering.  It introduces anatomy and some very basic facts about the development of the baby in the womb and the birth process.  It also gives a short and effective message that your body is yours and some parts are private, and it is okay to say no to anyone&#…

Linking up with Answer Me This (It's like Truth or Dare minus the Dare)

Kendra's been doing a neat-o linkup on Sundays called "Answer Me This," wherein she poses some questions and we answer them.  Pretty simple concept, really.  Here are this week's questions.

1. Are you becoming your mother?
In some ways, yes.  I think I mentioned in a recent post that I did something she would have done while shopping for clothes: find something I liked and then bought it in multiple colors. She's a pretty remarkable lady so becoming like her would be a good accomplishment in many regards.
2. Coffee or tea?
Coffee.  I never drank the stuff until fairly recently (the last two years or so) and only within the last six months have really begun to enjoy drinking fairly straight (i.e. not saying, "I like coffee" but really meaning "I like Frappuccinos")  
I feel like I should like tea.  It seems so much more refined and ladylike than coffee.  But…I just don't like it.  I don't even like fruity Celestial Seasonings type teas.  The…

Small Success Thursday

Apparently there is a link up about small successes. Sounds like my life!  Here's my small success of the day: I went to work out, even though I felt like I had a million other things that I could get done during that hour (well, hour and half, once you figure in getting there, getting the kids checked in at the playroom, going home, etc.).

But honestly, I probably would have wasted a lot of that time doing the mindless internet two step.  Facebook, Gmail, Facebook, Gmail, Facebook, Gmail, etc.

It's so dumb.  But I just slip into it.  It truly is mindless.

Look, my love for Jazzercise is no secret.  I always feel better once I get there.  I never regret going, even on the days when I think I can't do one more rep of squats or plies or whatever.  In fact, I always feel much perkier and have a lot more pep in my step afterwards.

Why, then, is it so hard to get myself there most mornings?  Why is it hard to want to do things that I know are good for me, and why is it easy t…