7 QT: Hair

It was time for a change.  Long overdue, actually. 

Here's my hairvolution over years 0-18.

I went off to college with the short hair I'd sported through most of high school, but after sophomore year decided it was time to try growing it out again.
Fall of 2002 with my roomie Tess

Oktoberfest 2004
Thus began the "awkard growing it out/experimenting with bangs/haircolor from a box" phase (which lasted for roughly all of junior year, as it turned out)
At times it was truly TRAGIC--like reindeer sweater level proportions, as some might say.
Bonus points to anyone who knows what the message on that pumpkin means!
 Oh, and apropos of yesterday's post, that above photo there of me and the pumpkin was always one that I looked at and thought, "Uggggggghhhhh FAT LEGS!"  And now I'm looking at it and thinking, "What was I so unhappy about?"  Time heals all neuroses, I suppose.

Note to self: Never those bangs again, ok? Thanks.

--- 5 ---
Eventually it settled down into a shoulder length look which had its good and bad moments.
Graduation with my friend and roomie Kat

Then I let it grow out and decided I'd wait to cut it until the ponytail was long enough to send away to Locks of Love.
Summer 2006, on the way out to Oregon!
After my first time getting it long enough to donate to Locks of Love…(and getting it cut at the uber Portlandia place, Bishops Barber Shop)
2007 or 2008?
It was short at my wedding...
August 8, 2009
And basically since 2004 or so I've just gone through the same cycle.  Cut it short, grow it out for a few years, cut it short, grow it out, etc. etc.  Usually I have a 3-6 month period where I can't stand it because it is growing out from a short haircut, and then I like it shoulder length, and then it just keeps going and eventually just gets too hot and heavy and unwieldy.
Here's the new version:

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  1. Love it! I wish I could go short. I'd look like I stuck my finger in a socket!

    1. Sometimes I must say I envy the entirely-straight-haired people. Also, the people who can dye their hair any color and it looks good. *cough cough* Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas *cough cough*

    2. Yes. I am coughing with you. I'm stuck with natural and *silver* highlights. Boo. Read skunk stripe.

  2. I see you also got sucked into the terrible lie that is blunt cut bangs. It happened to me, too.

    You're not alone.

    1. It took a lot of therapy, but I think I have healed.


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