Linking up with Answer Me This (It's like Truth or Dare minus the Dare)

Kendra's been doing a neat-o linkup on Sundays called "Answer Me This," wherein she poses some questions and we answer them.  Pretty simple concept, really.  Here are this week's questions.

1. Are you becoming your mother?

In some ways, yes.  I think I mentioned in a recent post that I did something she would have done while shopping for clothes: find something I liked and then bought it in multiple colors. She's a pretty remarkable lady so becoming like her would be a good accomplishment in many regards. 

2. Coffee or tea?

Coffee.  I never drank the stuff until fairly recently (the last two years or so) and only within the last six months have really begun to enjoy drinking fairly straight (i.e. not saying, "I like coffee" but really meaning "I like Frappuccinos")  

I feel like I should like tea.  It seems so much more refined and ladylike than coffee.  But…I just don't like it.  I don't even like fruity Celestial Seasonings type teas.  The only tea that I don't *mind* is Stash's Peach Black Tea, but given a choice between that and coffee, I'd choose coffee.

3. What foreign country would you like to visit?

Italy, again.  I've been lucky enough to visit twice already, but I would love to go again.  I'm not really a "travel the world" type of person, but I would go to Rome againand Capriand Naples.  And maybe try Northern Italy this time, too.  Perhaps for our 30th anniversary we'll be in a position to try to go!

4. Do you cry easily?

Yes. Crying is just sweating emotions out your eyes.

5. How often do you wear heels?

Rarely! I imagine that a real lady can wear heels gracefully all the time (while drinking tea daintily from her teacup with pinky extended, no doubt), but when I wear heels, I just walk awkwardly and always worry about falling.  Flats are much more my speed, but I love the way a classic pair of heels looks.  

6. Do you play an instrument?

I used to play the piano and the flute, and I sang in choir from middle school through part of college.  I taught myself to play guitar in college and can strum contentedly through most of your standard praise and worship songs.  I have dabbled in song writing and even won a prize for an original music composition (granted, I may have been the only person to enter a piece, but I'll never know).  But I don't really play or even sing much anymore.  Someday...


  1. I love this line!:
    "Crying is just sweating emotions out your eyes."
    So very true. I'll be using that!
    [ Here from Kendra's :) ]

    1. Hey Susan, thanks for visiting! Yes, I'm kind of the yin to Kendra's stoic-except-when-pregnant yang on the crying thing. That's okay, some of us have more emotions to sweat out ;)


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