Talkin' bout parts!

The time has come.  Ruby is quite fascinated by all things anatomical, especially in the boys vs. girls department.  Since she has two younger brothers and sees many diaper changes in a day, she's begun to notice and comment on why they have different parts than she does.

I'm doing my best to make use of all the advice I've gotten and read:

  • be frank and calm; set the tone
  • use correct terminology, not cutesy words or slang
  • communicate the truth that all parts of our bodies are good
But it always helps to have a good book on the subject to read with your kiddo, I think.

Amazon Prime to the rescue!  I ordered this book and we read it tonight (after I previewed it, of course).

I like it.  It is written simply but without simpering.  It introduces anatomy and some very basic facts about the development of the baby in the womb and the birth process.  It also gives a short and effective message that your body is yours and some parts are private, and it is okay to say no to anyone's hug, kiss, or touch.

My favorite part is the illustration style.  I don't like when kids' books that are about serious topics (I'm looking at you, most kid bibles!) are illustrated in really cartoony ways, with wacky bug-eyed people. The illustrator, Joel Spector, draws with both realism and a certain wispy wonder.  Everything is tasteful and sweet.  It is very appropriate for young kids.  I did not mind that my 2 year old son was reading along with us.  Honestly, he just got up and ran around for most of it, but I don't mind that he overheard it.

However, I am sure that the book's explanation of how exactly the baby gets inside the mommy will not be detailed enough for Ruby's liking for long.  It merely says that "a tiny piece of Daddy's body and a tiny piece of Mommy's body come together and become a baby."  Yep, it won't be long before she's asking, "WHAT parts?  Fingernails?  Eyelashes?"

If you are wanting to have your child grow up with the understanding that bodies and sexuality are designed by God, this is probably going to be a resource that is to your liking. It is part of a series which becomes more and more in depth as it aims to higher age levels. I haven't read those yet but we'll cross that bridge when we come to  it…in a few weeks, probably!


  1. Good luck with... the girl parts and boy parts. :)


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