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Thursday, Thursday

Not quite the same ring as "Monday, Monday," I admit.

It's weird yet a huge relief to know that I do not have to be in a classroom right now getting ready for school.  I am not saying that to be obnoxious, teacher friends.  Part of me does miss the excitement of planning out new curricula and thinking about the kids I'd be working with.  But another part of me can think only of the overwhelming amount of work to do…and the fact that I seem to be incapable of doing the daily tasks like keeping things clean…and I know it's best for all involved that I'm NOT trying to get a classroom ready to go.

I stayed up wayyyy too late last night.  2 AM, to be precise.  What am I, a college kid?  My husband's alarm went off at 5 AM and Ben was up at 5:30 AM and wanting to play.  I got him to doze off for a little while but the other two came in at 6:30 and announced their dire need for breakfast.

Haven't made coffee yet, but I'm thinking that's a must, or …

It's been one of those days...

…where you wonder if sending your children on a nice long vacation to Grandma's so you can lounge in a vat of Frappuccino is actually a viable option.

I say that in a "my kids are wearing me the heck out" kind of way.

We've got terrible twos and ferocious fours and nobody wants to take naps except mom around here, even the 10 month old baby, for crying out loud!

We've got tantrums and whining, arguing and saying, "I don't love this," to anything that doesn't sound just peachy.

And I've got s-t-r-e-s-s!

As I held my writhing, wriggling, screaming, "let me go" toddler for about ten minutes until he calmed down, I tried to remember wise words I read years ago in a book on positive discipline called "Taking Charge" by JoAnne Nordling.  To paraphrase,

Picture yourself as a huge rock in the sea.  Waves crash against it unceasingly, yet the rock is unmoved.  Thousands and thousands of parents have lived through the stage of …

Tuesday Tribute: Allen

Another Tuesday Tribute at last!  This week, I’m paying tribute to a very special someone, to whom I was espoused five years ago (our anniversary is August 8th): Allen James Cook.

What can I say? Where to begin?  Allen has lots of wonderful (and sometimes unusual) qualities that certainly set him apart from the rest.  I’ve talked about his resourcefulness, his desire to treat me like a princess (on more than one occasion), and his strict sense of what it means to say “a few”  vs. “several.”  
I guess I’ll do the somewhat cliched elementary school move and say some of my favorite things about this fine man via acrostic. A is for Animating. He’s not into the art of animation (that would be his brother), but rather animating in its most original sense: breathing life and courage into me.  Not to say that I was just a hollow creature before we met, but I do have a lot of timidity.  Over time, Allen has, by his bold example, brought out more tenacity and courage in me.  He is spirited and pas…