Thursday, Thursday

Not quite the same ring as "Monday, Monday," I admit.

It's weird yet a huge relief to know that I do not have to be in a classroom right now getting ready for school.  I am not saying that to be obnoxious, teacher friends.  Part of me does miss the excitement of planning out new curricula and thinking about the kids I'd be working with.  But another part of me can think only of the overwhelming amount of work to do…and the fact that I seem to be incapable of doing the daily tasks like keeping things clean…and I know it's best for all involved that I'm NOT trying to get a classroom ready to go.

I stayed up wayyyy too late last night.  2 AM, to be precise.  What am I, a college kid?  My husband's alarm went off at 5 AM and Ben was up at 5:30 AM and wanting to play.  I got him to doze off for a little while but the other two came in at 6:30 and announced their dire need for breakfast.

Haven't made coffee yet, but I'm thinking that's a must, or I'm going to collapse. Here's hoping that I make it till nap time and that the kids all actually take naps!

I realize this post is not very interesting, but I do want to point you towards my post today at Real Housekeeping.  It's a Real Review, wherein I try out a popular Pinterest pin to see if it works as well as it seems to work.  Last time I reviewed the "PAM cooking spray dries nail polish" pin; today it's the "fabric softener detangles doll hair" pin.  Please go and check them out, and if you don't mind, share them around.  Sharing is caring (about my writing).

I hate to go and call myself a writer (it feels like a bad luck jinx waiting to happen), but that's my "job" at the moment.  It's an unpaid job for now, but someday I hope to make a little bit of money from writing work.  I don't have delusions or even desires of being a world-famous author or a big-time blogger, although earning money from something I can do from home is very appealing.

But in this day and age of things going viral, it seems that the truism, "It's not what you know, it's who you know," has become more important than ever. The good news?  It's very easy to reach lots of "who you know" people via social media.  The bad news?  It's easy for you…and everyone else.  Competition is both non-existent (anyone can start a blog/self-publish) and stiff (only the good bloggers/writers see lots of readers).  It's a very interesting time for writing, especially with the decline of brick and mortar book stores and even of "brick and mortar" books, so to speak.  Ebooks seem to be where it's at.  Interesting possibilities…

And you know what?  It's Small Success Thursday, and by gum, I'm going to link up.  My small success is writing this, doing some editing work for a friend, and having put up two articles yesterday at Real Housekeeping (today's and next Thursday's).  And by the way, a little plug: next week all the articles at Real Housekeeping are going to be addressing routines that everyone works into their lives, and we'll have representatives from the stay-at-home mom contingent to the working full time outside the home moms with kids from baby age to preteen.  Should be a great week…I'm talking about our favorite routine, bedtime stories, and I have books to share :)  Please do drop by and say hi!


  1. I really do wish that Real Housekeeping had been around when my Big Kids were Little Kids! I am enjoying it so much.
    Love the title of your blog. And I am a former FT teacher-turned-at-home-mom and occasional substitute at my Youngest's school. I do love subbing, and since his medical needs (diabetes) can be unpredictable, I need the freedom it allows. Savor the time with your little ones, and know that you ARE using your experience and skills as a teacher as you mother them, AND you will return to teaching at some point enriched by your experience as a mother.


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