(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Ruby's back to school...
Ruby's 1st day at Redland Montessori in 2013 (age 3)
Ruby's 3rd day (forgot the camera the first two days!) in 2014...so much taller!

Look at my fashionista!

Visiting a corn maze out in Hood River for a fun family day...

 Allen turned 27...
An Oreo Pie for the Birthday "Boy"
11 months old already!
Ben enjoyed it immensely!
Emily Roig's biggest fanboy (here he is in a signed shirt...thanks Emily!)
 The kids are full of liveliness and hijinks galore...

Ben could pass as Jack-Jack from The Incredibles
 Breakfast Clubbers...

Hanging out at Mt. Angel Oktoberfest...

Cook Bros., the Next Generation


  1. Hi Jenny:) Your family looks great! Such cuties! I sent you an email to your mra email address a bit ago. Just wanted to make sure you got it. Your babies are adorable!


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