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The Gospel is Socially Awkward

On Sunday our family attended the monthly meeting of a heritage club that Allen's grandpa presides over.  It's called GROW--Germans from Russia of Oregon and Washington.  The December meeting was a Christmas celebration, and had something of a talent show feel to it.
I played a song (very badly) on the guitar and sang; Allen's mom impressed me by playing a song on her violin which until the week before had lain in its case for 30 years, and she also played a song on the piano.
Our kids shook jingle bells along with the music...and also not during the music.  Some folks shared memories of Christmases from their childhood during the Depression years and it was wonderful food for thought.  Imagine kids now being thrilled just to receive an orange and an apple for Christmas!
Towards the end, Roger opened it up to anyone else who had anything to share.  I gave the mic to Ruby, who had told me in the morning that she wanted to sing a song.  I'm sure everyone was expecting…