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Getting profesh up in here

Ha, just kidding.  I have no delusions of grandeur or professionalism.  This blog was born to share pictures and anecdotes of my kids to far-flung relatives.  For a while, about a year ago, I was seized with the urge to write nearly every day, and the blog was a happy medium for it.  Well, happy for me.  I won't speak for my readers.

And then...fizzle.  The muse went on her merry way and my blog started to fall into general cobwebbery (yes, I made that word up, but I'm a former English teacher so I can do that!)

I think part of the fizzle came from my increased involvement with writing for and then editing at Real Housekeeping.  Undoubtedly, another part of the fizzle came from the busyness that comes with three kids under 5.

But another source of fizzle has a reason which I'm not sure is entirely blameless.  That fizzle is the fact that over the past few years I've become increasingly fearful of what happens when I put my heart on the line in public spaces like Face…