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Mischief of One Kind and Another...

Oh, Max.  He's now three, and he is one wild thing, frequently engaging in mischief of one kind and another.

He loves all things "bad" and "fierce."  Bad witches, bad guys, bad stepmothers (think fairytales), anything bad.  He loves all animals, but especially fierce ones.

A while ago as we were driving and talking about birthdays, Ruby said that she wanted to have a cake with "all the princesses on it, and Santa Claus in the middle."
I asked Max, "What do you want on your cake?"
"Fierce animals and bad guys," was the reply.

So, for the past few weeks, I've been pondering how to have a birthday celebration which incorporates fierce animals and bad guys.  I'm pretty pleased with how everything turned out.

For his actual birthday, we just had a low-key family day.  It started with a stroll to Heavenly Donuts...

We hung out at home and Max got to do all the fun choices like lunch, dinner, and what show he wanted to watch. …