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First things first: a huge "THANK YOU!" is in order to all who have contributed either materials or money to our Home Improvement Round 2 project.

Because of the materials donated (flooring for the kitchen), we were able to knock off $150 from our goal price!

Now, thanks to donors both known and anonymous, 72% of that new goal has been provided!!!

I think the part that is the most touching is knowing that some of the people who have donated have "come out of the woodwork."  That is, they are people I have not been in touch with for a long time (very long, in one case...someone who babysat me when I was a kid!) and yet they saw fit to give us some of their hard-earned money.  It really, really means a lot.

It's easy for me to look askance at social media for all of its ill uses and abuses, but it really has made it possible to be in touch with people from all over the world and from all stages of your life...or even from strangers.

So far, we've gotten the legwork done on the boys' bedroom.  That is to say, the wall is patched, the furniture is moved, the guardrails built, and another crib mattress obtained via the free section of CL. What is left to do in that room?

  • Rearranging and finding new homes for all of the stuff which had been lurking on that back wall.  (Storage is the hardest part of living in a small space. )
  • Painting a mural on the back wall: that's my job, hurray! I'm planning to do a backdrop from Maurice Sendak's classic, Where the Wild Things Are. It's my first attempt at doing a wall mural so if you have any tips on technique or products you've used and liked, please tell me!
This week Allen will start tackling the kitchen.  The second week in August is bathroom week.  Stay will follow

And, because I don't have any pix of house stuff as yet, allow me to entertain you with some pictures of my "baby" (who is not such a baby anymore, sniffle sniffle!)

About 18 months ago!

Throwback to baby Max!
Megathrowback to baby Ruby!


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