Ah, Sweet Harmony!

It doesn't last all day, of course, but the times of brotherly/sisterly love and collaboration are pretty wonderful to behold...and amusing, too.

Exhibit A: Cinderella

In case you were wondering, Max looks just like Allen did at that age!
Ruby is Cinderella.  Max is the Fairy Godmother...but not the Disney version!  He's a fairy godmother who FIGHTS the bad guys and PUTS THEM IN JAIL!  The wand is a weapon, of course.  After a few minutes of playing the FG, Max said, "Never mind, I want to be Cinderella's enemy.  I'll be the wicked stepmother!"

Exhibit B: Three Witches

When shall we three meet again, in thunder, lightning, or in rain?
They galloped up the steps on their brooms (or in Ben's case, a kiddie rake).

Exhibit C: Dress up "shopping" in preparation for various imagination games

You look simply mahhhvelous, dahhhling!

Ruby is helping the boys find their "perrrrfect costume!!!!" (Ruby always speaks with implied exclamation points)
Ruby is offering different dress ups to her brothers and using her best saleslady patter: "Oh, let's see if this is your size...no no, let's try this. Oh yes, this suits you wonderfully!  Now, does this suit you?"
Even I was given something that would "suit me"...
Kind of Carmen Miranda-esque
As I type, Ben is wearing a pink tutu and holding a fake rose; Max is holding a "magic mirror," a few fake roses, and brandishing a magic wand...now getting another tutu.  

Never a dull moment around here, folks.  Never a dull moment.  


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