Hey, I'm over at Ordinary Lovely this morning!

Theresa at Ordinary Lovely had the neat idea to run a mini series of guest posts on the theme of how large families are living with contentment in small spaces, and I'm one of her guests!

Now, I wouldn't say that we have a large family, but it is large relative to our living space.  And I certainly can't say that I have perfect, serene contentment 100% of the time.  Just the other day I was in our kitchen getting dinner ready.  I glanced to my left and surveyed the scene: Ruby and Max were running in circles around a pile of books and Ben was looking on, roaring with laughter at the hilarity of it all.  There was something a bit absurd about it all, especially after spending some time housesitting for another family.  Our house looked so...miniature.  Fun-sized, if you will.

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  1. "fun-sized!" :) Thanks again Jenny! Hope you got to check out the comments on your post!


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