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Hello all!  Been a while, hasn't it?  I'm cutting back on my social media usage because it does more harm than good for me right now.  Election years are never pretty but this one has more than its fair share of disgusting features, and it seems as though there are more "Debbie Downer" type of articles shared around than positive ones.  It's hard not to get worn down...well, hard for me.  I know some people are good at making like Elsa and letting it go, but I don't seem to have that ability at this time.

And yet, Facebook and Instagram are legitimately important ways to keep up with far-flung family and friends...and even the not-so-far-flung ones as well.  It is the equivalent of the watercooler at work for stay at home moms: a place to check in with the funny stories or aggravating moments of the day.  And since my family members (as opposed to my in-laws) live nowhere nearby, it's a good way to keep them posted on the daily happenings of the kids.