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Hi.   This is me (Jenny) from a while back (1985?)  Do you see any Ruby resemblance?  This is my blog.  When I started it in 2011, I was a teacher at a charter school and mother of one.
Ruby's first Easter, 2011

I was primarily writing and posting pictures in an attempt to satiate my far-flung family's desire for pictures and anecdotes about Ruby.
By March of 2012 we added Max-Pascal to our family.  About a week after moving into a new place with five other people…because I hate for life to be boring, apparently.
Before he was mobile…hard to remember those days!
In the summer of 2013 I made the decision to go from part-time to full-time again.  That went okay until Benjamin joined the family and I began to suffer from postpartum depression.
Don't worry, Ben, you're worth it all!
The family grows, as does the love for everyone in it!

Shortly after my 30th birthday, I made the life-changing decision to quit teaching and stay home with my three little kiddos.  Since being home, I've been writing a lot more, and more people than just my immediate family have been scoping out the blog.  I'm very excited to be able to be writing, which is one of my passions that got put majorly on hold for a while, and it's awesome to know that I have an audience.  I mean, I'd write even if there was no audience, because for me, writing is incredibly therapeutic and important.    I write to remember the everyday moments, both hilarious and maddening. I write to sort out my thoughts and feelings and especially to work through my faith and try to understand how God speaks to me even in the mundane moments of life.

Thanks for joining me along the way!


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