The Awesome Offspring

Ruby Rose Cook

We were not expecting a blond baby!

Ruby on her first birthday

Eye patching to correct exotropic amblyopia (wandering eye)

The long-suffering big sister at age 4 ;)

5th birthday


Halloween as a 1st grader (and princess)

It's exciting to be 7...

Max-Pascal James Cook

Now that's more the hair color we were expecting!

 I can't believe how small he was!

Max had to wear a helmet to round out his skull and also had physical therapy to correct his torticollis.

Max's first birthday

Max is a great big brother!

Max on his third birthday with a quintessentially Maxian expression

CandyBot, age 4

Benjamin Augustine Cook

Another blondie...

The saint who inspired Ben's middle name

My happy boys

A happy two year old :)

Ben as Batman (and a newly minted 3 year old)

Samwise Barnaby Cook

Sam, already a big hit with his older siblings


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